Thursday, July 10, 2008

PbP and how to do it.

Stale: I simply pointed Wulfa at the S2 gear. For a better idea of starting pvp gear try:

He'll have more to come later. As you'll see a large portion of your starting gear is the same regardless of class... either: S2 or the rep gear you can get at honored. Since all of this gear is class specific you just get the rep/honor and walk in and buy your gear ding! instant resiliance.

But make sure you get the fear breaking trinket FIRST.

Wulfa was asking me which battle ground she should play. My thought was AV as she needs the marks for her S2 xbow and honestly AV seems to be the closest to PVE.

So here is my ultra n00b guide to AV-Alliance:

You start at the yellow circle. If the match is in progress already take the time to pull up your map and see where your team-mates are. Then run to them and do what your class does to help others. As a hunter you are amazing defense. You have flare(for stealth classes), traps and tracking. If you can heal... HEAL. I cannot count the number of times I've been in battlegrounds and seen that a tiny bit of healing turns the tide. If you can't heal....KILL THE HEALIES...*cough* sorry.. I mean try and take out the enemy healers. Use your pet to harass casters. Try to kite warriors/rogues/melee types. Fight near other players/objectives. Use your traps. Use your animal fear on other player pets and druids.

The green circles are choke points. These are places where the horde are going to pretty much have to come through. Feel free to defend them if there are any horde nearby. If the horde are this deep I expect that a lot of your teammates will already be there....I hope.

The purple circles are some of the first objectives. The pretty castle inside the purple circle is where the Horde captain guy is. He is basically like a boss mob....the horde players are his trash. Killing him is a good thing but you will probably need help(aka a tank/healer combo). I think...

If you capture graveyards the enemy players can't ress there they have to ress at the next nearest one. It is always helpful if you see an undefended graveyard to make sure that it has your flag on it.

There I'm done! Now go play about 10 matches and get a feel for the place. Then go ask someone who has done it for 'real' strategy. I told you it was ultra-n00b.

As requested by Sephrenia :P. This map is also available for printing in its original form here.


Sephrenia said...

OMG - that is so good. Thank you! I almost never go to AV because 1. I hate PVP and 2. I have no clue what is where.

Your map would be incredibly more helpful if you could add some names and abbreviations to help the noobs (i.e. me). I find it scary and frustrating because I don't know what is where - if someone says "Defend Balinda" I have absolutely NO idea where to go. As a result most of the time I end up running about like a headless chicken and being shouted at. And I don't like being shouted at.

Dammerung said...

Sephrenia I unfortunately don't know the abreviations but if you print out the map from the link I added you can keep it beside you for a quick easy reference. Then as you find the abreviations out you can add them to your paper copy.

Also, the best advice I have ever been given was to find someone who looks like they know what they are doing...and become their new pet. If they attack something you attack it...if something attacks them you defend them...and so forth. They are your objective :P.

Dannie said...


AS- Stormpike Aid Station
NB/SB-Stormpike north/south bunker
SP-Stormpike graveyard
IWB-Icewing bunker
SH-Stonehearth graveyard
Bal-Stonehearth outpost
SF- Snowfall graveyard
SHB- Stonehearth bunker
Galv-Iceblood garrison
IB- Iceblood graveyard
IBT-Iceblood Tower
TP- Tower point
FW-Frostwolf graveyard
ET/WT- frostwolf towers east/west
RH- Frostwold Relief hut

These are pretty much all of them some people also use GTM for goldtooth mine and IDM for Irondeep mine but i find most people just say our mine or there mine.

Horns said...

I always bring bad news... there's a typo in your post title, I think it's supposed to say PvP.

Stale said...

Lol, I know about S2... Just wanted to see what order you guys planned to get stuff in. I think Ill get some of the armor first and save 900 arena points for the axe and 150 badges for the Xbow

And for AV, here is my basic AV map with instructions...


Beowulfa said...

Horns I hate to tell you this but thats intentional:P.

Azaghalor said...

Those strategies all look fine. They really sum up nicely what to do. But if I could give you one pointer: As Alliance, do not, i repeat, do not take Iceblood graveyard.

These days AV's are about fast rushes to the enemy general. Playing defence is a solid strategy, but the Horde, assuming you're Alliance of course, will only attack towers and bunkers and not graveyards on their way north. They will try to get the Dun Baldar Aid station and Stormpike graveyard, but that's all. If you cap Iceblood graveyard, and the Horde offence hasn't yet capped Stormpike/Dun Baldar, all killed Horde will ressurect at Frostwolf or at the Relief Hut, considerably slowing your offence and prolonging the game. This can take a 15 minute AV to a 45 minute one easily, as the Horde can't escape from their keep anymore, and you can't get in. the only way of winning will become depleting their reinforcement count by killing individual Hordes. This can be a viable tactic in it's own right, but in most casual games, capping Iceblood graveyard will make a lot of people angry. The Horde equivalent for this is capping Stonehearth Graveyard. Just a head's up!

Hydra said...

Just remember Stonehearth graveyard is not to be turned back to Alliance. It create problems for the Offense. And can change a winning game into a turtle quickly.

Have fun!