Monday, July 7, 2008


I went to Kara I went to Kara I went to Kara I went to Kara!

Not that I'm excited about it or anything.

I deny that the entire afternoon before the event butterflies took over my stomach and wreaked havoc. I will also deny that by the time we got to Midnight and Attumen I was beginning to hyperventilate and that my hands were shaking so badly I could barely manipulate my mouse & keyboard. I will 'fess up to making a few noob huntard mistakes, however. Dammy wrote my pet attack/hunter's mark macro and it worked fine outside of Kara but inside it wasn't working, so 50% of the run absolutely no hunter's mark on anything. And you know what? I can't remember what other hunter mistakes I made. They were there, however.

So after Attumen I began to settle down a bit, although I was still extremely paranoid that THE ENTIRE RAID WOULD DIE A HORRIBLE AND PAINFUL DEATH because of me. So I was being extra cautious. Moroes was fun-and this brings me to a question. Trapping as a hunter when you have a paladin tank. Most of my runs have been with a pally (Ishvi) and frankly he doesn't need me to trap. Ever. So it was with a sinking feeling that I saw the blue square above a mob's head. Unless I shoot first it is impossible to take aggro from the pally within any reasonable length of time. And I did ask if that's what I should do, and they said yes, but it was Moroes and his 4 henchmen. I was terrified I'd shoot too early or aggro them all on myself so I took too long, the pally started the fight, and no trap. Do you hunters out there have any suggestions? I'm especially hoping that Pike will answer, otherwise I'm gonna have to email you =)

We wiped twice on Maiden, once because she wasn't in the correct position when we started dps'ing and the second because a certain priest that shall remain unnamed decided that he was fully capable of tanking her all by his lonesome =) Other than that no trouble, she went down, we moved on. I think opera was next. We got the Wolf. I thought it was awesome-like Duck Duck Goose, although I never got Robinified so maybe I should withhold my opinion. No epic gun, and I was slightly relieved, because even though I really don't like guns I don't know that I could've resisted a purple shiny. The next dude went down easily (Carburator or something like that? Big metal dude). And Ishvi got his first purple! T4, I believe. Very exciting. We went on to Shade, and I'm very proud to report that I didn't move at all ever when the fire-explosive-thing was up. After him my orclette woke up screaming so I had to leave the party (sorry guys) and my first Kara run was over. 10 badges, a few greens, and a good chunk of the way to being honored with the Violet Eye. It was awesome. I have no idea what my damage was like but I don't imagine I was anywhere near the top 'cause there were 3 rogues, one of them the epic Cassie. I'm looking forward to my next Kara run, and I actually think (hint hint) that the Sidhe Devils should do Kara again (hint hint).

And I'd just like to mention that Blood for Blood, the other guild we ran with, was simply awesome. The healadin Graimerin (I don't think that's how you spell his name) walks on water, in my humble opinion. Good explanations of the fights, his voice was lovely, and he got hit a few times by a hard-pounding mob and didn't die. He's my healadin hero.

So, awesomeness all around, be sure to check out the orclette photos. She had an awesome B-day, got all sugared up, was the life of the party. Thank you all for your happy birthday wishes!


Nasirah said...

We have scheduled two Kara runs to date. The first I thought was great. The second never happened due to lack of signups (Squirrelz and I being two of them since that was a weekend we were headed out of town). And then BBB and Cassie started doing PuGs.

Personally, I would LOVE to start doing more guild runs. Even if we don't have the numbers for a full guild run, "joint run" between two guilds (which is what it sounds like you guys did) sounds much less stressful and frustrating to me than "PuG." Especially if BBB were the one leading things. (I know he did a few weeks ago, not sure if he did again this time for you guys.)

Rakhman said...

When I've had to trap one of Moroes' guests and a tankadin has done the pull, they have used their bouncing shield attack (whatever that is called). I believe it bounces onto 2 or 3 mobs then returns, so they have tried to target a mob where the bounces will mean it shouldn't hit my trap target. Maybe if hits 3 mobs and my trap is on the right hand end, the pally will target the mob to the left of Moroes, so the shield should hit the mob, Moroes and the mob to his right, leaving my target alone. So sometimes the trap target isn't hit and all is fine.

If the trap target is hit, then I find it hard to get the target off the pally. In this case, I've positioned myself so that the pally and the Moroes table are both in range, so I can keep on shooting at the mob as it runs down the stairs to the pally. A concussive shot right after the pull will slow the mob down so it won't reach the pally before I've hit it a fair number of times - hopefully by then I've got threat on it. Otherwise I just keep on shooting with an auto-steady rotation until the cursed thing comes to get me.

Rohan said...

Aimed Shot followed by a Distracting Shot should be enough to pull off a tank.

Anonymous said...

What Rohan said WOULD work but I find it too slow. I made a macro that I call "Pull vs. Pally". Start with a Distracting Shot. Follow with a max Arcane Shot. And end with a stopcasting. The idea is that those shots all hunters should have. Also, there is no Autoshot so the so the stopcasting means that after you pull aggro to you, you stop attacking him so you don't break your own trap. What ever you decide to use....GL!

Gunsnbutter Excelsior/Uther

Stale said...

HAHAHA carborator...

I'm pretty sure... Correct me if I'm wrong... but he is called Curator :)

And it kinda sucks you went that far and didn't get ANYTHING! we always get tons of hunter junk... especially when there is no hunters lol.

Pike said...

Firstly... grats on Kara!

Secondly... to be honest I have never had to trap during Moroes with a paladin tank. The one time I did Moroes with a pally tank he tanked everything. All five guys. XD I trap Moroes all the time but with warrior tanks. I have always had some problems trapping with pallytanks.

If *I* was in this situation... this is what I'd do. Use the "Super" version of my ever trusty pull-shot macro. My normal version is just a mid-rank Arcane Shot followed by a stop-casting, while my "Super" version happens if I press Control, and is a Max-Rank Distracting Shot:

/cast [nomodifier] Arcane Shot(Rank 4); [modifier:ctrl] Distracting Shot

is my macro.

If I was trapping on Moroes with a pally tank I'd get my trap all set up well in advance, and then *right* when the pull begins I would first use my max-rank distracting shot and immediately afterwards use my normal mid-rank Arcane Shot. If you do it right at the beginning I imagine that should be enough threat to get him running into your trap.

After that, while you trap him, smack him every so often with your Distracting Shot macro. NOT the Arcane Shot one. This is because I have noticed that if I don't do this the healer invariably nabs aggro somehow. This will keep him firmly focused on you.

To be fair, I haven't tried this before, but this is what the Pike would do! And please feel free to e-mail if you have any more questions, or want specifics. I am glad to be helpful =)

Daxenos said...

I could have TOTALLY tanked her!