Wednesday, July 9, 2008

For Bony Fingers!

Yay for another blog to read:

She's been added to my reader now. Although someone... could have posted about her earlier so I didn't have to go back and read through the PA archives :P.

Not that I'm lazily accusing people right before I go home... I'd never do that.

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TheBigBearButt said...

Dude... just found her for the very first time today, by following links to blogs from Pike's site (at Aspect of the Hare, of course).

I would have thought you'd have known already... what with a wife who is a hunter and all... you DO read Pike's blog, right? I mean, it's Pike. How can you not read her blog?

Who did you think was talking when she was interviewed on the Twisting Nether?

Pike? Are you seeing this? I say we ban 'em.

And yes, I just realized this afternoon, Pike is not on my front page blogroll. It seems like half the blogs I read aren't on there. SOMEONE stopped updating his blogroll when he switched to wordpress. I ain't saying who, but the guys' got a big butt and he's an idiot.