Sunday, July 6, 2008

Just the three

We had roughly 1 million pictures. Half of which were too blurry to see anything.

But here are my favorite three.


Ratshag said...

Is a beautiful little orclette. But ya needs ta adjust the color settings on yer camera - her skin don't look very green.

Nasirah said...

Whatcha talking about? It looks a bit green in that first picture... oh wait, that's frosting. =)


Softi said...

OOOOOH so cute! :) She is absolutely GORGEOUS, you must be soooo proud!

Noobie's not gonna be happy with you now though... I want another try at a lil girl now!! :P

Pike said...



Barona said...


Those eyes... they are HUGE!!!

What a cute orclette!

Aurdon said...


/em Orclette forces Aurdon to jump off cliff while she caps flag.