Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I tried to work this out and it turned into a blog post.

I'm comparing "Living Spirit" to "Dreamstate". And wondering which one gives me more juice.

Lets pretend I have 323 int and 372 spirit. I just made these numbers up but they seemed appropriate for a new resto druid in greens.

Before 2.4 regen(level 70) seems to be based on this:

5 * square root of int * spirit * .009327

Dreamstate gives me 32.3 mp5 and mp5SR.

Living spirit gives me 46.76 mp5sr and 14mp5.

At this point it takes 26.51 spirit to get me 1 mp5. I'm a druid I imagine I'll be inside the 5sr all of the time.

long slow time

spirit/(5 * square root of int * spirit * .009327)*.15*.30 = mp5 gain using living spirit.

For the mp5 gained per point of spirit from Living Spirit to be equal to the mp5 gained per point of intellect from Dreamstate you will need to have 2270.654 intellect. Something that will not happen at level 70.

So my end ruling? For mp5 I'll want a dreamstate build.

Of course I may not ever want mp5 but yeah... I did all of this just because I was curious if it was possible for Living spirit to give more mp5 than dreamstate.

I think my math is right.

Also I'm thinking roughly that as long as I'm not treeform it will always be worth it to have dreamstate. Not sure at what point +healing is better than mp5 for a druid. But I'm not one of you crazy awesome theory crafters... I'm just an amature who needed something to waste an hour on.

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waupeople said...

If it's a warm rainy day, with nothing to do (or nothing I want to do) then I'll take a dreamstate.

But if it's not raining and the sun in shining, then I'll take a living spirit any day :P