Friday, July 11, 2008

This is why I don't raid ....

So we're in the MgT, about to down Mr. Big Dude (was his name Kael'Thas? that's the name of our server-maybe that's not it). TripleB is explaining the fight, I'm wishing I had practiced kiting a bit more, and then Dammy busts into the room with that look. The look that says "I've had the child for hours now AND I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE". Turns out the Orclette had been up and crying for awhile. So I left right before the big boss. /cry. Sorry Cass, TripleB, Doozie, and Graim. I know that any one of you would've done the same if it were your kid, but still, I don't like to leave like that. There seems to be a pattern to these wake-ups of Orclette's. Around 11 she'll notice that mommy's not around and start whimpering, which turns into full-out crying when Dammy does not produce me immediately. This continues on until he finally calls me for help, at which point the Orclette gets really paranoid about me leaving her. That means I can't move once I've assumed possession of the Orclette. She'll wake up out of a deep sleep if I so much as twitch. Suffice it to say, neither of us got much sleep last night. So I'm gonna have to start either taking a break at 11, or just making sure my run ends around that time.

Anyway, MgT. I had never been there, so was fairly excited about seeing it. And then the blue square came up over a mob's head and I realized that I wasn't with a pally tank. And guys, my trapping skills were sooooooo rusty. /hangs head. I think as the run went on I improved, though, so that makes me happy. And Dax, you need to stop being so awesome.

"Dax did this, it was awesome, you wanna try it?"
me: "Sure!" (with oh craps circling through my head).

Basically it was set a trap out of LOS, misdirect onto your pet, and then start in on skull, ready to chain trap your blue square. Not too difficult on paper but it does require a bunch of button mashing on my part and I'm not that fast. But it went ok the first time, better the second time, and then I decided to just be the target myself because it's a few less buttons and would enable me to get back to DPS'ing more quickly. But now I can add that cool little maneuver to my resume .....

I'm sure my readers already know all the bosses in the instance and don't need me to recap everything. We wiped a few times but eventually got to what my fellow party members called the most difficult pull in the game.

We one-shotted it.

We are awesome =)

And right after that I pulled Orclette aggro and so I didn't get the chance to kite a dangerous fiery phoenix who's trying to kill me instantly.

I had lots of fun, TripleB! I really did! You see, I'm really quiet when grouping with a new set-up of people. I'd partied with all of them before but not frequently, so it still felt new. Ishvi, Nas, and Squirrelz on the other hand I have no problems chatting with. In fact, there needs to be a filter in my brain when I'm writing my emotes around them. Water elemental=water=if you stand too close you get wet, right? So I said Wulfa got all wet. And then realized there was a double meaning. My face got soooo red ...... And my face got red again when I realized Graim had read my write-up of Kara and knew I said he walked on water and that he was my healadin hero ..........

Ok, the Orclette is using me as a jungle gym and I can't concentrate. Wulfa out.


Nasirah said...

I would never EVER be able to handle being a hunter in a group setting. She was PURELY for farming purposes, and any time she was asked if she wanted to do an instance (which wasn't often, given that my old guild never ran them), I was like, "Sure, lemme hop on Nas." "Well, actually we could use the CC." "Well you might want to find someone else then. Trust me... you don't want me to try trapping."

So... yeah... point being... you're awesome. =)

Darraxus said...

I pretty much have the same aggro issues. Only difference is that mine is a GF while yours is a kid. And my GF hates WoW....and your kid just wants mommy. Not alot of simmilarities there besides the distractions caused by a loved one.

Wildhermit said...

I stopped by your server to say hey to BBB and the rest of the guild. Sorry I missed saying hey to you as well Wulfa, must have missed you. :)

For the Pie said...

I had to quit raiding due to just not having the time to put in 4 hours a day 4 days a week, and not being able to leave at all.

I couldn't imagine being married and parenting while raiding. Mucho respect for folks who can and do.

Arithor said...


I am becoming a forum troll despite my best intentions. This is my second reply, and i am only posting as i hear your pain.

I am not completely sure what age orclette is but there will be things you can do to train her. Sometimes they just have to cry until they realise they are not getting mommy. As i say i hear your pain. There will be heaps of child behaviour books at your local library which should be able to help your situation.

I am a believer in putting in the work up front to save grief later. A few hours researching, a few more listening to tears, may give you many nights of stress free raiding. Whatever you decide i wish you the best of luck.

Thanks for your blog.