Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So I'm late to the party but Phaelie's regen math is awesome. Just awesome.

In other news... when work is slow I get bored out of my skull. I've tried reading up on Robert Sedgewick's Algorithms in C++ but well my job doesn't use almost any of what he talks about and we don't use C++ so its a bit heavy for reading while work is slow. I need a quiet room and a huge pad of paper.

I've already printed off a list of pvp gear for Wulfa so that she knows which battle grounds she'll need to do to get marks/honor for S2 stuff.

I've spent a lot of time repeating work Phaelia has already done....and then went and read her blog in more depth(last time these posts posted I wasn't a druid)....she's done a lot more than I have and I'm not going to repeat anymore work.

I'm caught up on my cases at work...I keep checking just incase.

I'm not comfortable writing my exploritory new home emails while at work.

I have 120 blogs/comics I'm subscribed to and zero unread.

I have zero emails in gmail or work inbox.

I've also checked my usual rounds of Wow insider and web comics and google news.


I'm not sure if its my problem for having issues with paying attention to just one thing or my jobs problem for not having enough work.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think you and I need more work.

Anonymous said...'s works! I hate it when it is slow! Give me a busy day....I'd rather go home tired than bored!

Gunsnbutter Excelsior/Uther

TheBigBearButt said...

Dude, I'm doing the best I can to keep you entertained, how many posts do I gotta make in one day!

I already made four, damnit.

geez... work your fingers to teh bone and for what..


Stale said...

Can you post your PVP list or send it to me in an email? Cause my hunter is lvl 50 and I will need to buy some cool weaps and armor when I hit 70 :) (S3 Axe is FTW for less then 1000 arena points imo)

Dezdemone said...

Yep, I am in the same basic boat. That's why I blog actually. I bring a little notebook with me to work and do all my blog thinking there. Then I write my blogs in wordpad and email the text document to myself so I do very minimal work at home.

Oh, and it's probably just your work isn't busy enough.