Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sore. Still Sore. Yep, I'm sorer.

I don't think sorer is a word, but it suited my purpose. You see, lately I've been surrounded by college athletes and ROTC cadets who are constantly running, weight lifting, and other fun exercises. And I've really wanted to join them but at this point I plod, not run. And not even that-it's been too hot when I normally run and there really isn't any other time for me to run. (This summer we're buying a treadmill.) So I've been walking. And watching the beautiful athletes zip by me. And I was getting frustrated and somewhat depressed that I still have 5 months left before that beautiful freedom.

So, since I'm trying to focus on positive things (esp. about Las Cruces, since I'm here for 4 years. So far I've come with "I like going to school." At least it's a start :) I decided that I would start working weight lifting since it's something I still can do without much hindrance. And I pulled out my Cathe Friedrich videos. In case you've never heard of her, she is the hardest instructor around that makes DVDs. In my marathoning prime I had a hard time keeping up with some of her high-intensity workouts. Anyway, I pulled out her "Butts&Guts" DVD. Can't do the gut part but I did the butt part. That was Tuesday. This is Thursday. Sitting down still hurts-and I didn't even use weights.

But this actually cheers me up. It's been a looong while since I've done a workout that made me work that hard. And left me sore afterwards. I guess if you're a non-exercising person you'll be thinking I'm crazy, but if you're a runner/any type of athlete perhaps you'll understand.

And in our previous post it was said that I did not look pregnant :D Dearest T.J., next time I will turn sideways for you so that you can see how truly pregnant I am. (I know I don't look pregnant from the front-same way with the Orclette until the last couple of months) And Damm doesn't look pregnant because of all the workouts he's been doing. I can no longer tease him about having a "love child" along with me. I poke him in the stomach region and it's hard rather than squishy. Aww, I've lost my squishy (Nemo reference, for those of you without kids).

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