Thursday, January 7, 2010

Coming up with new titles for the same old rants is getting difficult.

I have whined a bunch in guild chat about two subjects.

1) Life as a new healer.

2) How much I hate all my attempts at dpsing.

The first subject is a quick fix. I LOVE healing and even like it in parties that are horrible...(I just hate the bit where we all stand around yelling at eachother). I whine too much because I like talking on green channel and don't have anything interesting to say. The solution to this is to whine less I guess. Certainly having more patience will mean I get more badges which is the only reason I queue. Well besides my self love of healing good groups. I'm slowly learning to let dps learn not to pull agro on mobs the tank isn't tanking by letting them die. Good dps in my experiance rarely get hurt(by which I mean pull agro and learn that they can't tank things). I don't mean that DPS don't get hit with AOE's or the stupid poison or the occasional boss sucking on your blood etc. I'm purely talking about getting hurt on trash mobs because you don't know how to /assist or pay attention to markings. OH and I found out that the healer(me) was a retard who was using spells 2 ranks below cap and kept running out of mana forthwith.

The second issue: My suckatude at dps. I've only tried it twice... once as a catdruid and once as a boomkin. The boomkin was marginally better but I still felt like I was utterly wasted as a DPS... I'm downloading recount so I can have numbers to prove me right but I -FEEL- like I'm doing at MOST 200 dps.. not 2k... 200. I -FEEL- like my best use is to spam cast innervate on SOMEONE even that rogue.. surely he needs more mana. *Sigh*. I don't know .

Getting recount will help a bit as I'll have a baseline to figure out if it really is true... but I doubt that somehow I'm rocking huge dps without knowing it.... hahahahahahahah. Yeah right.

There is a whole set of posts based on this feeling versus reality.

People who FEEL like they are God's gift to the raid.... and stand in the fire.
People who FEEL like no one appreciates them.... and are the healer/tank from heaven that everyone considers the CORE part of the guild.

I could go on and on. I would love to read a bunch of other bloggers thoughts on the biggest 'feeling vs facts' in their life.

Wulfa is leveling up her priesty... she has plans to go holy I think. But she is demanding that I finish off her jousting for her so she can continue the Argent tourney.

Been having Elihu(brother 3) tank on his DK for me while I heal Moon in an attempt to get Moon up to 80. Ever since I figured out that I was downranking stupidly I've been enjoying that.

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Entilzah said...

If you want to find "easy" DPS for instances, you really couldn't have found two harder ones than kitty and boomkin.

Kitty is pretty much acknowledged as the most complex rotation, and it rarely, if ever, tops DPS meters.

Boomkin is less complex, but still not easy. If you are a Boomkin topping the meters, you are either a) Spamming Hurricane and Starfall (which is not unheard of in Heroics these days), or 2) Algie.

Seriously, the way to "top the meter" in heroics these days is just to AoE everything. If you concentrate on single targeting, nothing lives long enough for your DPS to ramp up. And I am NOT saying that is the right thing to do all the time. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

But using the meters as a tool to measure your DPS improvement is a great idea - pretty much all of us do it. But as you know, it is only a tool - not the end goal! I have no doubt you think that.