Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On play time.

We are gearing up for the school semester. A semester that will see Wulfa waking up at 4am every day and me at 5am. A semester where the weekdays have been planned in advance down to the half hour.

So our playtime is going to be very limited. Wulfa hasn't seen more than two instances in Wrath. I've seen 5 now thanks to a 2hour playtime on Saturday. We are going to try and juggle the whole school and game thing but when it comes down to it we've already committed to RL and the game will go away.

Fortunately we are in a guild that understands this and won't mind if we go away for a while.

Anyways just wanted to give everyone a heads up in advance.

In other news I'm boomkin specced so that I can dps for my guildies on times when one of our other healers is already healing for the evenings heroics run. Which is yay. Turns out that I hate melee dps because I'm always chasing mobs and it makes me cry. :(

But if someone could glance at my boomkin spec over there ----> I would appreciate it. I also need a decent spell rotation to get me by the first few fights. I'm doing my own research as well but always love it when people can give me helpful advice(like Bar with his lovely keep Savage roar and mangle up and then shred 5 times and rip).

And thats it for a Tuesday post.


Scott said...

Algenon is the master boomkin, I would talk to her.

You guys should sign up for the guild forums too. It' s good place for questions like this, and it might be good for keeping in touch while your play time is limited.

Entilzah said...

Algie is, of course, the Mistress of All Things Boomkin.


1) Keep Insect Swarm, Moonfire, and Faerie Fire (on bosses) up.

2) Cast Wrath until Eclipse Procs, then Cast Starfire.

3) Cast Starfire until Eclipse Procs, then cast Wrath.

4) Only use Hurricane to AoE until you figure out how friggin huge the radius on Starfall is. Then use Starfall in AoE Situations to a) Bring in the Big DPS, ii) bring in the Big Mobs from further than you thought it would go and watch your party run around trying to catch them while you lay dead on the floor. NO, Chick and I don't have any experience with this, why do you ask?

As for your spec, you should be fine. Nature's Focus seems to be more of a PvP talent than PvE (by the time the mobs get to you while soloing, they are usually close to dead). You can probably move those points to either Imp Insect Swarm or anything else you want, but that is fine tuning at best.