Thursday, January 7, 2010


So I've done two instances in Wrath. Low-level, mind you. And that was way back when Wrath had just been released. Then I took a 6-month break. No instances since.

So we've started playing again, I've begun doing dailies on Wulfa and I'm starting to level up Beowulfa, my shadow priest. And today I was thinking I should go ahead and buy flying for Beo. So I switch on over to Wulfa. And in guild chat there had been talk of doing a heroic. I hadn't been paying attention because for so long I hadn't been able to participate. But switching over to Wulfa garnered me an invite and I thought, why not? Damm has been telling me I should do a few groups.

So I'm trying to get Damm's damn new headset plugged into Vent (I hadn't really used it before and it has lots of wires) and trying to figure out where the little green button is and trying to type in party chat that I know absolutely nothing about the instance we're about to do so please tell me what to do. And then we start.

I quickly find out that I need a macro for targeting the target of the tank because no-one, according to Damm, marks targets anymore. They (the things we have to kill) all seem to be pretty easy though so I can see why. I also found out that keeping Thunderclap and Growl on is a definite no-no. I did have my pet on passive. And I only shot at what the tank was hitting on. I didn't cause any wipes. I was completely exhausted at the end of the instance.

I have no idea what heroic I did.

I will never sit on the floor and play because that is the most uncomfy position ever but the kids were asleep so I didn't dare move.

I really need to do another instance just to prove to myself that I still have "it".

And next time I'll pay attention to which instance I volunteered for.



Grai's Gang said...

Heroic Hall of Lighting with a least one if not 2 achievements for ya.

Shrinn said...

I'm sure you did great! Kinda sorry I missed it... You would've had lots of fun seeing me try to tank Heroic Occulus in my healing spec heh. O, & I did for the frist little while...till I figured out what I needed to do to finsh switching over! rotflmao! Lurve Lurve Miss Ness! :P

Entilzah said...

You did fine, Wulfa! I would have never guessed you hadn't been in an instance in that long.

When you do it next, if no target is marked (yes, we are all guilty of not marking much anymore, except in the upper level instances), I would suggest targeting the target of another DPS, not necessarily the tank. Tanks move around targets willy-nilly to make sure we have aggro on everyone.

Besides that, just keep getting refamiliar with your toon and you will do even more fine than you already did!