Monday, January 4, 2010

District 9 review

Review curtesy of comment by Capn John.

This movie is a race movie. Just incase you didn't know to start.

Which means it is dealing with a lot of much more emotional issues than mine and wulfa's usual shootemup style fare.

As an example:
There is violence and animals die in PLENTY of African safari movies and no one cries because well you aren't attached and they aren't killing babies.

And then there is bambi and old yeller and people get teary eyed.

The point is that some violence is more than others. D9 is full of the stupid kind... people abusing other sentients because they have no representation and no way of really defending themselves. It intentionally echoes the South African story of District 6 back in the 60's(I know very little about this episode other than wikipedia would be interesting research for someone somewhere). There are scenes of people* being shot, of kids* being threatened, and of babies* being aborted. We just had a baby and some of us(her) are WAY WAY WAY unable to do harm to kids in our fiction at the moment. Also if you care about such things... there is a bit of language(the main character loses his grasp on english as soon as anything goes bad and all you hear is F--- this and F------ that.

*I mean aliens.... aka "prawns".

And I guess for us who wanted to watch a ... terminator or an independance day and instead found ourselves watching a sci-fi version of ... I don't know... Hotel Rwanda?... Schindlers List? bah those are serious movies please forgive the comparison but I DON'T watch emotionally charged movies and there was too much of that in this movie.

Yeah so we stopped halfway and then wiki'd the ending. If it had just been me I would have stuck it out. It is possible that the later bits make up for the first bits who knows(we had 40 min left in the moview when we stopped... so we watched about an hour and 10 min of it.

I had several friends at AIT tell me they liked it, and it is very very possible that if my life stress meter was a little lower and I was a little more zen I would enjoy the movie.... instead it was simply too much.


Cap'n John said...

Damm, thank you for the review. I visited IMDB and braved the message board and your review confirms my belief that I would probably enjoy D9, in spite of the emotional impact. I'm fully aware that Humans do horrible things to each other, and to other species, so I can deal with seeing that on the little 'big screen', and I'll probably find myself rooting for Christopher to succeed and happy when he does so at the end. Yeah, I know (sort of) how it ends, but I'll still enjoy seeing it anyway :)

For some reason your review (& the idea of this movie) reminded me when the wife & I watched the first 'Meet the Parents', and I was going to comment on that here, but as happens, my comment started to get rather long, so instead I'll post a comment on my own Blog. And with that, thank you for giving me some inspiration, as it's been a while since I did Blog :)

scott said...

I really liked Avatar and District 9, but ya, tough to watch at times.

Watch out for Up too, really good, but really sad at times.