Friday, January 8, 2010

A poll!

Two topics today:


2) Thoughts about perceptions and tranquil gardens at midnight.


Which dps class do you consider the easiest in terms of maintaining *decent* dps... nothing chart topping but none of this sub 1k crap?

Based on a bad pug of my brother's yesterday and the silly statements by the priest who intentionally wiped them towards the end... I'm going to go with
RET pally!... I have no clue as you can see from my previous post and Bar's awesome response :P


So I know I'm not the only one that does this:
I find that after a few pugs I start to have expectations towards classes based on the previous experiences:

Rogues: Horrible dps, gonna pull agro and die a lot, doesn't know how to stealth, likes to stand in green and purple death stuff.

Paladins: Buffs me. Yay mana. Doesn't die much. Average dps.

Warriors: Helpful. Good DPS. Doesn't die much. Doesn't pull agro.

Shamans: No Poison Totem. Distracted. Low dps.

Mages: Average dps. Keeps out of trouble. Quiet.

Warlocks: Good dps. Talks smack. Pulls agro. Lets pet pull adds. Dies a lot. Causes wipes.

Hunters: Good dps. doesn't talk much. Doesn't die much. Keeps out of green and purple death stuff.

Druids: don't pug ever. Never seen one. Only exist in guild.

Death Knights: Good dps. Stays alive. Keeps adds off healer. Doesn't pull agro unless protecting healer.

I think that is everyone.

Oh and games that have awesome names for zones like Tranquil Garden of Peaceful Undeath are awesome.

PS: Forgot priests oddly so here goes:

Priests: Uhm... very quiet... buffs tank.. I think.... not sure if the pug as they are so very quiet and hard to notice.

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