Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I can't believe the stuff people watch sheesh. People act like Lost was a good show and everyone seems to watch this 24 show but it never looked all that interesting. Sigh. Why can't everyone just watch Stargate and Burn Notice and NCIS like I do. These people are probably the same ones that killed Firefly before it had a chance to be the BEST SHOW EVER. And their kids probably suck.*

Little hangups:
1) People coming into my room. This room? yeah its my room. The door is a big sign that maybe you shouldn't come in. Only Wulfa and Orclette and Miniorc have free passes. Everyone else... knock.
2) People watching me play silently waiting for a moment to talk to me. I'm really in my own world here. I might possibly be extremely frustrated by the stupid jousting thing in Icecrown and how the dumb retarded idiotic champion keeps getting further and further away from the circle until ding he quits and says I suck because I didn't wait in the circle for him to stupid charge me. And maybe I might yell at you for standing there silently JUDGING ME while I fail at this for a 3rd time.
3) That Argent turney guy. I hate him. He sucks.

Myself, Moon and our third usually unmentioned brother(the one older than ish but younger than me and moon) partied last night. And I suddenly found myself in this situation:

Me: level 80 druid healer
Moon: level 74? hunter dps thing. dunno.
KH(my brother we're talking about): level 75 druid tank
Two random dps.

A level 74 or lower random dungeon.

And the two random dps KEPT getting hurt. And dying. No poison... just beating on. I tried my best to keep them alive. But they kept dying.

This was something new to me.... I have not to this point run across dps who took damage. Even melee dps. Generally only the tank takes damage... right?

Thoughts filter through my head about this vaguely while I try and keep the green bars green.

Then someone asks for recount. And it gets posted..... and the top dps? Moon.... who hasn't been getting hurt. Or dying... or needing my attention at all. So it can't be that the tank isn't able to hold hate.

*Sigh* Recount also shows that a great deal of their damage taken isn't AOE or environmental(don't stand in the fire). No a great deal of their damage is melee.. from trash mobs.


And thats it for todays post.

*I figured that because I am sometimes not a fully effective communicator I should let someone know that this is possibly me being silly because of something I read recently.

** I have a good idea of why.


Cap'n John said...

Those DPS were probably targeting their own Mobs, so while you held the attention of a few Mobs they were banging on and grabbing Aggro from another. There's a reason we call Tanks 'Meat Shields' and DPS 'Glass Cannons'. Chainmail on a Hunter or Shield-wielding Shaman does not mean you're NOT squishy.

Ruune said...

You have not to this point run across DPS who take damage? My lord, this really does show how things have changed.

Back in the olden days of wrath where we *walked* to instances *in the snow* before you young'ns had it all so easy with your fancy emblem gear, Wrath dungeons were scary with the amount of damage that was dealt to party members even in a good party when everyone was doing the right thing.

And the opening up on your own target thing? My noob tank has certainly experienced a whole lot of that action.

Scott said...

Skiffens takes damage all the time. Sometimes it is splash stuff, things there's not much I can do about, and sometimes I'm just too slow getting out of the stuff I shouldn't be in.

The jousting thing can be really annoying. There is sometimes swearing at our house when jousting is being done.

Papersmith said...

I had to quit the jousting. Much, much too frustrating. I know my limits.