Monday, January 4, 2010


Technical Specification

This quote is for the turnkey installation of a grid-tied 9.5 kw photovoltaic power system utilizing an array of 54 175 watt PV modules. The modules will feed DC power to 2 SB-4000 inverters, which will connect to the existing power supply through a Renewable Energy Credit (REC) meter and AC disconnect. The array will be mounted directly to the roof.

Estimated Specifications
Energy Production:
16,520 kwh/year
Offset of Annual kwh Usage:
92 %

Estimated First Year Benefits
Utility Cost Avoided (@10 ¢/kwh)*:

REC Earnings (@12 ¢/kwh):


Total Savings*:


Return On Investment:


CO2 Emmissions Reduction:

34,196 lbs/year

Water Saved in Power Plants:

9,912 gal/year
* as energy costs rise, annual saving increase


Installed Price:
Federal Tax Credit (30%, no cap):

State Tax Credit (10%, $9,000 cap):

Total Tax Credit:
Cost After Tax Credits:

Performance estimates are based on solar radiation data in your area gathered by the National
Renewable Energy Laboratory. However, actual solar radiation at your system may vary along with actual power production.
Tax incentives are a key factor that make owning a renewable energy system economically positive. To ensure you are taking full advantage of the incentives available to you, please see your tax advisor.
This estimate is valid through Wednesday, February 03, 2010.
See that bit above?

I wanted that so bad so very bad. I -love- the idea of generating my own power and being fully self supporting. I love it bad. I shake with happy thoughts when I read about wind generators or home made steam engines or solar power etc.

So being in a state where we get SUN LIGHT ALL THE FREAKIN TIME LITERALLY EVEN AT NIGHT I SWEAR. I thought it would be amazing to use my army bonus to buy an array for my parents house. Right? Okay? See how this would be one) awesome because of my love for the stuff and two) awesome because then I would have set my parents up with free electricity for the life of their house and doubled their house value*.

And what happens? I call and ask for an estimate of a professional installing one... and he tells me the above.



Thats like a million as far as I am able to even remotely pay for it.**

I want to cry.

Except orcs don't. Army guys don't. And seriously... crying because you can't get ... your ...own... solar pan-(sniffle)...nel ... of (sniffle) your very....(full fledged water works)... OWWWN....SOB WHY ME.....

*says me.

**P.S. I am still investigating the costs of setting up my array myself without having to pay labor for them. And things


Cap'n John said...

Damm, check this out:

Cap'n John said...

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Here it is, hyperlinked: Popular Mechanics: DIY Solar Panel Article