Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A fun and busy night.

Wulfa took me out on a baby-date(a date where the kids come along due to no sitter on short notice). It was incredibly nice. We chatted and relaxed and had fun. We need to do that more often. With the move coming up we're both starting to stress. She's worried about making friends and getting along with my folks and I'm worried about making friends, wulfa being happy, getting everything down there and we're both worried about money, school, the drive, and packing. So it was nice to take an evening and -really- forget about everything else.

As opposed to ignoring everything else and still stressing about it. Like when you blow of a test to play a game. Or when you don't do your taxes and instead read a book. The entire time you are subconciously thinking about the thing you are ignoring. Last night's date I don't think either of us did that. I felt like we both actually relaxed.

So I need the pvp trinket badly! A rogue: Gonaga or somesuch on Lightninghoof killed me 6-7 times last night, as I was questing. Twice I quickly came back from the dead and killed him. The other times though I was too far from my graveyard or I was out of reinc so I could not get back in time before he stealthed/vanished on me. Everytime I died it was due to extended periods while stunned. When I could hit him I had no problem making his health vanish. But like a good little rogue he didn't let me do that.

I can think of one mistake I made that would have made that 5-6 deaths and 3 kills. I found him and instead of flame shocking him, I opened with Earth Shock. It was the only time I had the advantage....and I wasted it. He vanished. And I found myself sitting swirlyheaded a few minutes later.


I died a grand total of 9-10 times to pvp kills last night. The rogue and then a Warrior. The warrior was trying to cap the outlook? in hfp. Whatever the one to the south is called. Myself and another hordie were trying to stop him. We died he didn't. I died 3 times before giving up.

You know....until that last death I wasn't annoyed too badly by the rogue. I mean I talked about each death in guild chat but I don't think I sounded annoyed. But that last one I started wondering why this punk was repeat killing me.

Oh I forgot to mention. Sugars stopped in and saved me once. I was sitting their stunned and ding suddly this level 70 warlock with 14 million hps drops outa the air.....the rogue ran away. I don't think sugars even tossed one dot.

As I write this Wulfa is sleeping. I wish I had not been distracted by Gonza-head when she got off. I mean to get off right after her and spend the rest of the evening chatting with her.

Tomorrow night she's doing ZA I think. I'm watching the Orclette and sleepifying her. And I'm probably hanging out with the SD crowd. Thursday night I'm going to push hard for 63. Noobed wants us to be able to do ring of blood by this weekend. Silly noobed. We've got kiddies. Maybe by next weekend though. I'm leveling a lot faster with the shaman than I was with the druid. Part of that is just the pure joy I'm experiancing from playing shaman again. Part of that is high dps(I think) and unending mana(well for the last 300k xp anyways).

Herbalism is pushing 320.... Alchemy is 294 or some such....-almost- 300. I wonder when I can start specializing and when I'll be able to wear the better alchie trinkets. We'll see.

I'm going to get off now and try and sleep and think of ways to kill rogues as an enh shaman when the rogue has the drop on you.


ArmsandFury said...

I haven't seen too many Shamans beat equally geared Rogues. The stuns are just silly. Noobed would be the best one to ask probably.

Grats on your guys' time together. Been there... know exactly what you are talking about.

The good thing about PvP server for me is the spike of tension that happens when you start getting into it with the other faction.

Tonight Zangamarsh fun?

Dagashai said...

get used to dyin.

once ya get fire elemental, ya can pop that, switch inna shield, and try to outlast em.

assa orc, that stun resist will help some. Asa tauren, my earth stomp helps me getta emergency heal off.

but for the most part, its like mages and warlocks. You gonna die a lot, and they know it.

Tho, resto shammies eat their lunch.