Saturday, October 16, 2010


So I got my homework moderately under control and was able to play with the Wulfa last night. Found out that my guildies are absolute raiding BEASTS as they rofl stomped bits of ICC while I watched in awe and while wulfa was busy running back and forth keeping miniorc asleep.

So now that we've been playing again I've done 17 battlegrounds on my druid. 2-15 is my record. I gained about 250 honor in two games... and about 250 honor in fifteen games... feel free to speculate which were which. Part of that is the losing games were lost so badly that they were over in easily a quarter of the time that the winning games were played. Part of that is my life span as a healer is higher than that as a dps.... usually because I'm either the only healer or one of two healers so when I'm dps there simply isn't anyone healing me because I'm not there as a healer.

Healing as druid has a lot of fun now(still), let me say that first. I'm back healing again and mostly loving it in bg's. I like it in raids too but that has more to do with my guildies being amazing than with my love of healing.... I really don't like raid healing due to stress levels. I don't like how lifebloom only lets you pick one target(p.s. I didn't even bother with treeform. I'm a pvp healer and adding one more thing to make me stickout isn't happening). I do like how much more rejuv does. I don't especially like the long cooldown on wild growth but considering i used it like rejuv before it probably needed it. I really really really don't like the crazy long cast time on nourish. Maybe I had it glyphed before or something but now it feels twice as long. I like the new thorns when i remember to use it.

Boomkin is so much fun that I stayed uglychicken for 15 games of pvp(*cough*). I absolutely adore the new eclipse mechanic and thing blizz hit a homerun with that. GG bliz GG.

I've been burning honor as fast as possible and almost have a complete set of purples now. I'm hoping to have a complete pvp set soon.... provided I get some wins.

Speaking of healing in bg's. If you are doing it right it feels like you have 5-10 minions/pets that you control who walk out and kill things for you. You burn through areas... send a minion to go smack that guy over there... and demand a minion come protect this flag over here... and generally control the game simply by your presence. Because where you aren't..... they die. So they stop just randomly being stupid.

oh... wow.... I almost said that with a straight face.... it is like having minions... but the rest... hahahahahahhahaahahahah.

Anyways... I really want to get my complete pvp set and then the heirloom pvp staff/shoulders(cloth). But I'm having a blast getting them as opposed to feeling like I'm endlessly grinding quests(I'm looking at you crusader).

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