Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adjective much?

{post edited by Dammerung}

I shouldn't write whiny posts when I'm tired and or fussy. It really isn't a good practice mentally.

The truth is I've been tired and whiny a lot lately and need to start working on my mental discipline. Whining about how miserable or sad or tired or etc you are only encourages other people to whine and very shortly you have a bunch of friends/coworkers who do nothing but complain. I know better and shall begin to stop this bad habit.


Joseph "caps" Heart said...

Would that be... Jealousy, maybe?

Dammerung said...

See I'd say jealousy but when its something that I did/had first how can I be being jealous that someone else is doing it?

I considered jealousy when you want something someone else has or when you envy someone elses accomplishments.....