Thursday, October 14, 2010

Timing is everything.

The patch hitting in the middle of the semester is driving me bonkers. I want nothing more than to log in and play all night but I can't.

Initial impressions though from me go like this:


I love new changes to things.

Paladin retribution was the only class I had a chance to really experiment with but I like the changes(in terms of how they play not in terms of over all dps... I'm not really a cutting edge dps person so I can't comment on lower dps totals for guys who were doing nuts things).

Haven't touched my hunter yet but being able to track two things at once and no ammo sounds awesome.

My mage having a squiggly made me estatic(water elemental) as thats why I created a mage in the first place.

My druid... well I'm hearing all sorts of cool things from Malcik so this gets a plus. I never really really liked the tree form's art but liked being in tree form so I'm kinda meh on that side. The cat changes he described were shiny though.

My warlock's talents kinda turned me further away from the class ... mostly because nothing really struck me as awesome. Thats cool though someone probably loves the changes.

My shaman was the same story as my lock... I just didn't see enough fun stuff to cause me to invest time further looking at it. I've never liked lava lash and that being the free gift for enhance was ick.

My warrior.... we'll see. The talents were both interesting/awesome and boring. I think it may be a mood thing.

I don't really have a priest, DK or a rogue so no dice there.


Just found out how much homework I have this weekend. Sigh. So even less playing/posting than I thought I would be getting. :(

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MamaWau said...

I love your new background! Really very inviting! I think it matches your stories.