Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Retail Workout. And Christmas.

This is my second day of three of 8-hour workdays. I usually get put at our customer service desk, which means I'm always moving. Tiring, but a great way to burn calories.

We are done with Christmas shopping and the kiddos are excited about getting to open their presents on Christmas Day. Are you done? Or are you braving the malls and stores to get those last items? It's not too bad at my mall. I've seen so much worse. But of course if the item isn't there you can't order it. Some people seem to think you can. I guess Next-Day Air ... but that's usually more expensive than the gift itself.

We ordered a Christmas meal from Albertson's. I pondered learning how to successfully bake a turkey, but then I decided that it would be too much work since I'm putting in lots of hours at B&N. I'll make the desserts, but that's fun and not too much effort.

I'd like to volunteer somewhere for something Christmas related, but we simply do not have time. And little children complicate the whole volunteer thing. Maybe when they're older. Get that idea of "giving is better than getting" into their heads. Other traditions I'd like to establish is going to a Christmas Eve service (traditional, preferably-I like the pomp and circumstance occasionally) and then finding the rich neighborhoods to view their Christmas lights. The theory is that they're loaded with money and can actually afford to put on a good display.

Christmas Day I'll put on Christmas music and allow only Christmas movie watching. We'll open presents whenever I get up, which will be ridiculously early because I love Christmas morning, both the getting and the giving:) We'll eat too much, go for a pre-dessert stroll, enjoy the day, etc. Then the next day I'll be at B&N bright and early, scouting everything that went on sale for Christmas next year (and get some Christmas 2011 shopping done:). And of course actually working and helping people find stuff.

That's our Christmas. What are your traditions? Habits? etc.?

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