Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas all.

Our family is happily waiting Christmas morning. Well kinda happily. The munchkins are being overly hyper :P... the Daddy(me) is being overly sick...the wulfa is being overly worn out from a long workweek.

Still tomorrow should be good for everyone. We've got a lot of activities planned out and thanks to numerous friends and family the munchkins have a LOT of presents to open. Wolflette(yeah we don't really play orcs anymore) is almost slobbering with excitement.... Miniwolf is cheerfully oblivious and just wishes his mommy would let him play with the tree ornaments.

Speaking of being sick. Since we got done with finals.... Sat Dec 10th ish... I've been sick every day excepting two of them. It hasn't been the same sickness...the first week was a fever with dizzyness...this week has been flu-like chills/sweats with loads of headache, coughing and nausea. I really want to simply be well again.... this has been too much.

Well thats everything from me for now.

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