Monday, November 29, 2010

Just sayin....

Give Texas A&M ONE play back........and we're the undisputed Big 12 South champions and 10-2.

Just one freakin play.

So why the $%^& are OU and OSU ranked so much higher when we destroyed OU and that ONE PLAY is what seperates us and OSU?


Our three losses are to the following teams:

#14 Oklahoma State 10-2
--lost due to 5 turnovers but the worst was the one that let them kick a game winning field goal with seconds left

#7 Arkansas 10-2
--Lost when the razorbacks intercepted a game tying touchdown pass. 4 interceptions

#12 Missouri 10-2
--No excuses they wiped the field with us.

We beat the following teams:
#9 Oklahoma 10-2
#14 Nebraska 10-2

and I've got to go to class.

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