Monday, December 13, 2010

On the road again ...

At least I'd like to be. We've had two days of idleness-last Friday (day after our finals were done) and today. I worked all weekend, but between the days of idleness and Damm and I both being sick, a lot of t.v. has been watched and a lot of books read these past four days. And that's ok. Growing up I remember watching quite a bit of t.v., and when my mother started a book she became absolutely useless until she finished it. I got my love of reading from her.
But I'm done. I've never done well with too much empty time. I remember one summer I checked out a bunch of Victoria Holt books on cassette (this was over ten years ago:) and copied the girls section out of a baby name book. I like names. And I don't like being idle.

So after I finish the series by Julie E. Czerneda (my new favorite scifi author) I've got a bunch of projects I want to do.

Item one: go through our file cabinet. I save everything, including highschool papers. So it should be interesting.

Item two: go through all the clothes-again-and get a box ready for donation. The kiddos are growing, and clothes I bought last week no longer fit. Fun fun. Plus I get a 20% off coupon from our local thrift store for bringing in a donation.

Item three: Organize and pack this semester's paraphernalia. When I become rich and famous, my notes from the Fall 2010 semester are going to be highly sought after. Origins of my brilliant mind and all that, don't you know. Actually that would be back in grade school, but I don't think my mother kept any of those papers/notes/projects.

Item four: Organize our book shelf. This one probably won't happen, as it has been on my to-do list for several years now. It's fun to dream, though.

Item five: run a lot. Although I'm running (hehe a pun) into a problem with my right hip flexor on long runs. Apparently I need to fix my form, run on flat surfaces, and strengthen my hamstrings. I've never had a problem with form previously, Las Cruces is made of gently rolling curves, and my hamstrings should be super strong from the Spinning classes I've been doing. Oh well. I'll figure it out.

Enough boring stuff. I won't go into the list of school supplies I'm looking forward to purchasing for next semester, although who doesn't like comparing/contrasting pens and highlighters? And folders? And notebooks? And post-its? Isn't it fun? Almost as much fun as going to school.

Yeah I know I'm a nerd. Very old news. It started when my mother took me away from the newspaper kicking and screaming because I was eating it. True story (I was one at the time).

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