Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Little girls scream. Little boys munch on boogers.

**This was totally supposed to be edited before it was posted. Then I got sick and nearly DIED due to a small head cold :P... the nearly dying may be a bit exaggerated. Anyways this wasn't the whole post and it looks horrible and ick.**

Alliance vs Horde. Battleground speed vs. guild. Story vs. Friends.

Differences in kiddos. How she's very screamy and princessy and he's very cuddle based and grimey.

Serious posts. Change in blog overarching themes. Things like this. As we have grown more comfortable with our schooling and personal development you can see the change in how we write. You see me dealing with my very real lack of a political foundation. You see both of us working through our organizational failings. You see us posting more of our history love. You get our endless exercise posts. And our fiction and our wow slides to the back burner. Does this make you more likely to skip us in the reader? Because we've changed from the themes you came to read? Or have we always been more of a friends blog that you read out of genuine interest in the mundane life boogers that we post? These questions are rhetorical and come out of a self introspection I recently had. I've found that I can tell who I consider my real online friends because I am still interested if they tell me that they spent the day at the library cleaning gum off the bathroom stalls*. Because I'm not going to skip their post if it isn't interesting.

Responses and my own lack of them. Developing community.

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