Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Who knew chocolate milk was so dangerous.

Five stiches and a splint to keep me from moving the stitches too much. My knife slipped while poking a hole for a straw in a chocolate milk bottle for orclette.


Cap'n John said...

Many years ago at a High School camp we played a rather silly game where we all sat in a large circle and took it in turns to throw a large (approx. 8" side) die and if you rolled a 6 you got to take a turn in the middle and a stab at the large block of chocolate. I think the teachers had kept the block of chocolate in the 'fridge so it was rather hard, and most kids could barely make a dent in the block before someone else rolled a 6 and replaced them. It didn't help that we were using a butter knife. No serrations made it safer but harder to cut.

When I finally rolled a 6 and leaped into the middle to take my turn at the block of chocolate, I'd already decided brute strength was the order of the day. Reversing my grip on the knife I stabbed it down into the block and shattered it into multiple pieces. I managed to scoop up one piece with the fork and got it into my mouth, then someone else rolled a 6 and replaced me and I returned to the outer circle, but with a mouthful of chocolate. Mission accomplished!

As the adrenaline of my moment in the middle subsided I realized my right hand was throbbing, and when I looked at it I saw a cut running across the width of my palm. Although the knife had no serrations, with the blade of the knife being wider than the hilt there was a sharp corner of pointed steel where the two met. As I'd driven the knife into the block of chocolate my hand had slipped downward off the hilt and onto the blade, passing over this 90-degree, sharp corner of steel, opening up a lengthy and painful but fortunately not too deep cut the width of my palm.

I got a bandaid for my booboo, but you look like you got yourself a good deal better than I did.

Was this one of those small bottles of chocolate milk like you get in McDonalds, with the foil cap? I use a pen to poke a hole in the foil. It makes a perfect straw-sized hole and helps to reduce spills, both chocolate milk and blood ;)

Leiandra said...

Umm... I think you're doing it wrong. ;)

Dammerung said...

Lol. It was one of the screw on hard plastic lids not the nice foil ones. I normally cut a hole in the top but this brand had a harder plastic.