Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have one 3-5 page midterm, two 8-10 page research papers, and then one 15-20 page paper that serves as the final yet to write. That's in addition to the three weekly papers I've been writing every week. Sounds fun, no?

And just last week I saw some of my spinning classmates hard at work running and lifting weights before class. I remember thinking that they were crazy and that I would never do that. Somehow, over the weekend, I decided I was going to get to the gym early so I could fit in a short run. Why? I'm not sure. It's the competitor in me, I guess.

Around this time of year-every year-I get the urge to bake. I have finally perfected my pumpkin bread recipe. It's not really mine-I used as a basis a recipe from a cookbook and then tweaked and prodded and turned it upside down in the quest for the perfect pumpkin bread. Damm thinks it needs to be more like cake, but we eat this bread every day and that would pile on the pounds. Instead it's low-sugar, low-fat, I add protein powder, and spice the canoodle out of it. I also found (in the same cookbook) a recipe that uses bran cereal, raisins, applesauce, and very little sugar to make a dense, fantastic bread. No tweaking necessary, aside from adding protein powder and spices other than cinnamon. I also have added cornbread to the list, but cornbread is cornbread. I don't tweak it. And for those of you who are now hungry and want the recipes, just wait. I'm going to post them later, when I have time to type them out and properly cite everything.

Right now I have to go walk my dog, because he is bouncy. And if he doesn't get a walk, he gets even more bouncy, and then he knocks over the Orclette and Miniorc, and that just won't do. So, after running one mile, lifting weights, and Spinning class, I'm going to go for a walk. Which is why I have to get up insanely early to workout-my brain hasn't kicked on yet and isn't able to protest the craziness.

Til laters ya'll.

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