Thursday, August 14, 2008

Well at least I seperated the rabbit trails out.

Cakelin asked what I(any of her readers) would do first in Wrath(along with a ton of other questions): The answer is a bit of a toss up. Go to Borean Tundra... or roll me a DK.

Caitlin... cake...cakelin! I'm on a diet. Its not my fault your name sounds like cake :p

So I'm sitting here at work. Actually working and thinking all the time about Snowboots.

Snowboots is a almost two feet tall from ground to back(tails don't count). Snowboots is about 4 1/2 feet long with out the tail but including the front... "paws".

Snowboots is my speckled white Scorpid(scorpion for non WoW players). And the reason I"m playing my hunter again.

I never thought I would actually like a scorpid pet. I mean bugs and me are not friends. But I needed the next rank of claw so I tamed Snowboots. And after the first kill I knew Dots(my cheetah) would never come out of the stable.

Yeah I'm not the first to find this blogger. But Megan pointed at an article of his and I'm really glad I checked it out. Very nice clear website(if a bit white for my tastes) with an awesome commenting tool.

I like getting a level every time I log on. If I log on and don't get a level for two nights straight I stop wanting to play that character. Not sure what it is about that lovely yellow glow but I like it.

Last night I got 2! I'm stoked and want to play my hunter bad now.


Anonymous said...

I'll probably try to explore places that are too high for me...just so I can see them hehe



Anonymous said...

In regards to the!

I guess my name does resemble cake when you really want some...