Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Resistance is Futile

When I first met Damm his sense of style was non-existent. Since we had no money to spend on the type of clothes I wanted to buy him (non-Walmart clothing) I put the clothing transformation off into the future.

Recently I've been buying him nicer shirts. He's steadfastly refused to let me pick out the style of his jeans, although he does let me pick the color (I usually pick the color that the nice male models that they have plastered in front of, oh shoot, forgot the store name ...... but it has HUGE GIGANTIC portraits of half-dressed young males ....).

This past Sunday he ripped his jeans and had to buy new ones. To my surprise he let me pick out his jeans for him. Relaxed Fit Bootcut jeans (he usually buys the roomiest, baggiest jeans available). And this morning he paired it with one of his nicer black shirts.

Darlin, I thought you and the rest of the world (including your mother) should know.

You are HAWT.

P.S. You almost were delayed for work. I have admirable self-control, however.


ArmsandFury said...


My wife dresses me now too.

Grats on the hotness Damm :)

Dammerung said...

Heh.. Wow not sure what to say.

I still like my baggy carpenter pants. Soooo comfy.

Glad to know I look awesome now though. *walks back to work grinning*

Daxenos said...

Yeah, Mrs. Dax had a real mess on her hands when we first got married. Over the years, she has been able to slowly but surely get me to wear...uh....other styles of clothing.

I still refuse to wear pink. 8~P

MamaWau said...

Wulfa, I'm so glad that you are helping him. I've always know he was handsome, but you're right, he's been hiding it in those huge pants! Maybe he could use them to do some painting, or yard work?

klaki said...

Luckily my wife hasn't gotten her claws into me that far :) The way I look at things, our personal styles is part of what makes us... us. Of course her opinion means a lot to me, but she knows my limits and knows that trying to change that will only lead to me hating it even more. I'm a redneck and proud of it! I'm glad you like your new pants though. I wish I could wear jeans at work. Khaki's are comfortable, but are not my style.

Wulfa, sometimes it's better not to resist. I'm sure an excuse for Dammy to be late to work could have been found :)

Great for you Dax... real men DON'T wear pink! Men who do, I think they've been hanging around mommy too much. :)

ArmsandFury said...

I, also, draw the line at wearing pink.

Ratshag said...

"You are HAWT."

I'd hit it. ;)