Thursday, August 14, 2008

On Hunters.

Go do something for me.

Go level a survival hunter to 40. Let him sit for a month or three while you play something else... come back and play him for about 10 min.

You notice the difficulty your pet has holding hate off of your awesome crits? You notice how to kill a mob you have to burn half your mana?... Good

Now respec Beast Master. Watch as your pet destroys things while you save your mana for BW and that thing that looks like a kodo's mouth. Maybe the occasional trap or heal.

The difference is night and day.


Asara Dragoness said...

This is true.

I respecced SV-MM hybrid for a week or two at 70, and after two or three shots, not even specials sometimes, I was pulling aggro off my pet. After leveling BM from the start, I was lost! It didn't take me long to spec back!!

Daxenos said...

I found it's just a different way to play. I'd CC the adds instead of letting my pet tank them. I was quick to Wyvern Sting something that was threatening to kill my pet in order to bandage my pet. I'd Feign Death at the last possible minute AFTER I'd unloaded on the mob.

You can't play an SV hunter the way you play a BM hunter. If you don't want to change your playstyle, by all means, respec BM.

But having both SV and BM hunters, I really can say they are both very viable for leveling.


Dammerung said...

I never really played a BM hunter until yesterday. I mean I respecced BM for a level between 20 and 40 somewhere but I went back for my traps.

I know you -can- level that way(I did) I just spend more mana and my pet almost never had aggro.

I mean... my dear little cat lost agro the third WHITE shot in. Without me casting anything. With growl up. With the recent claw rank.

This happened a lot.

I'm not going back :P...(of course I'm not ever playing a mage again this doesn't make mages bad people and shunters are bad people either).