Thursday, August 14, 2008

Icecream totally counts

So we're on a diet. We don't need need to be on a diet but we are trying to drop a few pounds-me 5 and Damm 10-15. And our efforts had stalled, mostly because the cafeteria where Damm works has lovely, tantalizing desserts and the smell of the best fries I've ever tasted constantly assaulting my nose. We weren't gaining weight but we weren't losing.

So I decided that we needed a jump start, something to kick us back into weight-loss gear. I decided that we were going on the South Beach Diet since it's one of the saner diets out there (and I've read/perused most of the diets that have been thought up) and actually livable in its final phase. If you notice a lot of "I's" and not "Damm and I" that's because he likes to do what I'm doing and he really doesn't care as long as the scale is being nice to him (Wulfa thinks (his co-workers think he's hen-pecked), he doesn't and doesn't care what they think but it bothers me).

So basically the diet consists of mass quantities of lean proteins, loads of vegetables, low-fat cheese, nuts, and I think that's it for phase 1, which is what we're doing. I decided beforehand that I was keeping my chocolate and coffee morning routine because I've tried to go without it before and it wasn't pretty. 'Sides, it's sugar-free chocolate and creamer, and South Beach is all about sugar-free. Damm is going to have his American cheese even though it's probably not allowed. We've also bought some of the S.B. snack and meal bars and I'm not going to check and see whether they're allowed-they taste good and have a bit of carbs in them which make the days go by smoother. And the final thing that probably was not what the founder of S.B. had in mind when he said "sugar-free" is the sugar free pudding that we have at lunch. It's the one thing I've looked forward to this week, the one thing that makes this diet possible for me. And yesterday the cafeteria was out.


So instead of the above we went to Braum's (icecream place) to see if they had any sugar-free icecream. Turns out they did and we ordered the larger size. Delicious, smooth, creamy, probably only tasted good because we've been having chicken and vegetables the entire week (which is my fault-I only bought chicken). It sooo hit the spot. And our weight was down this morning. So, icecream is totally allowed! :)

And to date I've dropped 2 pds and Damm 3.5.

And on Saturday we're ordering a pizza each and hitting up Dairy Queen for blizzards.

And on Sunday it's back to lean protein and vegetables.

And why do I ever think diets are a good idea?!

Just figured I'd edit this so you would know that I wrote a post down below about hunters its small... you might not see it if I didn't tell you.


dowdyism said...

Good luck with the diet - South Beach totally worked for me. I dropped 60 lbs. over about 9 months using it (245 to 185). That was 3 years ago, and i kept most of it off for about 2 years. When my wife got pregnant with our second child I packed a bunch back on, except i didn't have an excuse. :)

I'm at 215 give or take a few these days and thinking about South Beach again for a little kick start.

Anonymous said...

My wife is totally all about the Zone diet and I'm curious to know if you know what the difference is since they seem about the same, although maybe the Zone is a little less critical about sugars and more about balance? I don't know...all of these diets seem to end up at the same place (lean protein, fruits/veggies as your carbs, fat to a reasonable amount) but just have different methods of starting out.

Either way, congrats and good luck!!