Monday, January 21, 2008

On being a dwarf hunter

This weekend has been exhausting. In RL, as Dammy briefly mentioned, we got a new vehicle. I'm proud to announce that I am now a soccer mom. We have a lovely white minivan. Worst part? Dammy loves it and for our next new vehicle (which is hopefully not for many years) wants another minivan. I have to admit it's nice, way nicer than our old one. But I won't wax eloquent on the benefits of it. There is only so much one can take, which I found out this weekend at my lovely bookstore. I bored several fellow employees to tears.

*As an aside we're currently watching Resident Evil 3 simply because we saw the other 2. I don't really like zombie movies, but Milla (sp?) is pretty cool. But they bring in Hitch's concept of flesh-eating birds. Yuckie.

So being a dwarf is interesting. I'm closer to the ground and slightly more ponderous. For the first time ever I have two pets, one in the stable and one with me. I made the mistake of naming the boar. Her name is Scytha.

Dammy has been pushing me to get to 20. I started Friday at lvl 14. As of this writing I'm at 18, halfway to 19. We've been a major contributor to our guild's bank-tab fund, which is awesome. It can be good to come in just when a guild is getting off the ground. We had a very good weekend at the AH, raking in about 20+ gold selling eggs, various meats, and enchanting mats. We were run through the Deadmines by our lovely guild members. I've never been through before. Not my favorite instance.

I've figured out the proper use of wing clip. You clip 'em, then run backwards and fire off a few shots which hopefully will finish the mob off. This saved me several times, the most notable when I sent Scytha off to attack what I thought was a croc a couple levels below me. Turns out it was a lvl 22 croc which, at lvl 17, is sorta hard to kill. But I AM HORDE AND I TRIUMPH! Oh whoops-I'm Alliance. FOR THE ALLIANCE! I still don't view the little hordies running through our areas as enemies . . .

Woot. It seems like such a long time since we've done a proper post, when really it was only a few days ago. But I'm out for now.

I AM DWARF! HEAR ME ROAR! (or rather, belch loudly after quaffing a large quantity of ale and resume singing about gold. It's a rather lovely song, you might have heard it before:

"Gold gold gold
gold gold gold
gold gold gold

and the chorus is even better:

"Gold, gold gold gold
gold gold gold gold.") :)


klaki said...


Gratz on the dingage for you and Dammy both. I love how I create a toon on your old server and you all run away :( /cry

As far as wing clip goes... strafing is a hunter's best friend. WCing and moving backward has one key flaw, you move slow. So when you WC you are not getting maximum benefit if you walk backward. Next time, WC and move back by strafing. It takes a while to get use to, but I think it will much better for you.

Daxenos said...

Also, running straight ahead and turning the camera with your mouse to look behind you then pressing both mouse buttons to face your

Or strafing....


PS. I was once Horde as well, but now it's ....for the alliance... /sigh. They just don't say it with the same gusto!

Beowulfa said...

/sigh. One more thing to learn. You do realize I'm not very competent with mouse/keyboard fast-finger thingies? But you are absolutely right and it was you, Klaki, who first clued me in that Wing Clip could be useful and not just something to press because it's there . . . and I'll have to try that pressing both mouse buttons to make myself turn around. Or maybe I'll accidentally freeze the computer again. And yeah, For the Alliance just doesn't cut it. For the Dwarves!, followed by a quaff does much better.

klaki said...

The problem with running straight ahead is that you are now with your back toward the enemy (since mobs have instant 180 turns as well). And for all us "lets aggro every mob on our mounts" people know, what happens when are back is to a mob.... DAZED!!!! Eek, I hate being dazed. So, if you run through him, straight ahead, and you get dazed, the point of WC is mute and pointless and now your stuck in a melee fight until dazed goes away and such.

I agree that "For the Alliance" does sound lame, so I just say "Horde Suck!" :)

Dammerung said...

A couple of things:

1) It just suddenly struck me that with our pre-occupation about gold.... that Wulfa makes an AWESOME derf.

2) I go with:
I appologize for the sudden need to disintegrate you down to alchemy ingrediants and I hope you are not too inconvienced by the disruption to your desire to harm me!

Dulcea said...

no no, you don't run backwards, you strafe! Hit the q or the e. That way you can move full speed instead of the slow backwards. *grin* Keeps you out of range longer. *cheers wing clip* Its the only way I can remotely kite.

Dulcea & Kamau

Gold Guide for World of Warcraft said...

good post :)