Friday, January 25, 2008

I just wanted to write something.

You know how you hold certain people up on an object for holding things up? And then you see that they are playing your class, or on your old server, or shopping at yer bookstore?(Megan/Og/the blond guy from oceans 11/12/13)

Well Megan the pvp guru is playing a level 38(probably 70 already) shaman I think. And I'd really love for her to stop at 49 and pvp for a while and write a long detail blog about enhancement shaman pvp at that level. Just for no reason... not because I play a level 41 shaman currently :P.

Og is on my old server silvermoon! On the horde side! /glee... I think og is new to the community but he's got brains and I dearly wish I was on his server so I could ask him if he'd let me farm him things to sell. Not sure how badly that would mess up the whole getting gold without help plan but yeah.

That blond guy apparently has relatives that live in the big town near me and he's shopped at my bookstore. Yeah thats a bit of a stretch but I badly needed 'some' sort of non-wow connection.

I have the attention span of a fly when I'm not farming. When I am farming I can sit and kill elementals for HOURS at a time and never get bored. But leave me reading blogs and I'll want to play 8 different classes over the course of 10 min and I'll swear each time that this is obviously the only class I've ever wanted to play. I was pondering rolling another alt(which I can't do because wulfa had to roll another character simply to let my characters catch up) last night and then I said screw it I'm just going to go farm. I killed elementals for about 30 min before someone and her pet Susan asked to join me and we had to go do quests and things. In the process I ding'd 41 and discovered Stormstrike.

Now those of you who read the comments will notice that me and Jabari had a long discussion about this where I had thought it was on a 2 min cooldown and wasn't worth it. Wow was I wrong. 80 mana and I get an instant 2 blows(which can crit and WF) and +20% to my ES and LS and other nature things. Now fights go like this(for level 40-43 mobs):
Time Mob health Actions
1) 0.00 100% Attack and close
2) 0.01 100% Stormstrike
3) 0.02 75-80% Earth Shock
4) 0.07 25-30% Frost Shock
5) 0.08 5-15% Recast Lightning Shield start chasing down running mob.
6) 0.10 0% Mutter about not getting off a 2nd stormstrike

Of course in the process of this I've spent about 50-60% of my 1800 mana. But the amount of burst I get from 2 axes and this spell rotation seems insane to me. If a mob isn't 3+ levels higher than me I don't use totems.

I've also started changing my totems... for mobs with dps class types I tend to use Stoneskin/Healing/Grounding... for high hps/healing class types I go with SoE/Mana/Searing.

My axes are frustratingly fast(1.8/1.9) but for now I think I'd rather have axe 1 over axe 2.
Axe 1 = ~1.8 speed 30.?dps 8str and other stats
Axe 2 = ~2.6 speed 22.7dps 7str

My off hand axe I don't have a choice on. Its the only one I could find and its better than my 1.5 dagger. I'm trying hard to get more str/agi gear...but I'm not going to give up str... all my slots should have SOME str on them says me.

Anyways...yet another long rambly post from me. Life is looking good for Dammerung though.

See you guys later.


Megan said...

>< My Shammy is Elemental spec at the moment, all her twink enchants (from LVL29 Twink bracket) are geared to caster damage.

But I hear LVL39 and LVL49 brackets are pretty good for Enhance Shamans, namely because of enough talents for Stormstrike, DW, etc. Just remember to get those juicy TBC enchants like Mongoose.

Jabari said...

Re: Weapons

I think you might have to give up on your Orc axe-racial for the time being - no good axes at all in your level.

I'd recommend grabbing a couple of maces for now - a Heaven's Light (blue, but should be cheap) for main hand, and a Skullcrusher Mace of the (green) for offhand. They're both about the same weapon DPS as the others, and both are 2.7 speed.

It doesn't look much better for 49-twink weapons, either - all maces except for a couple of extremely hard-to-get blue rare MHs.