Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On getting xp.

Having a full blue-bar is simply amazing. Really. At low levels it goes so fast that you don't realize how awesome it is. But if I had wanted to I could have gotten from 10/70200 xp to 70200 xp in an hour and a half WITHOUT turning in quests last night. Which blows my mind considering how long level 38 took.

Instead I spent last night pleasantly questing with 'wulfa. The wyrmkin in the swamp were getting a bit uppity and it looks like they were also dealing drugs, I collected 10 samples of Smiling Goblin(also called Happy Dragon or Dream Dust). Turning in those samples got me a nice chuck of xp with the local law enforcement in Booty Bay. At least thats what he said he was.

We also collected antique artifacts that floated up from the troll temple nearby. Beowulfa wanted them for something and we got her 10 of them. I think I'll have to go get 10 more as she's greedy like that.

Speaking of greedy.... we're out getting crab legs and crab meet for me to give to some guys I know... and she keeps asking me why *I* am looting *her* mobs.... which is flabergasting. WE'RE KILLING THESE THINGS SO I CAN GET THINGS OFF THEM. [sudden sound of female orc beating down male orc]

*groan* I 'er... need *wince* to ... appologize... for [a few moments spent gasping for breathe]... my rude *grimace*.... behavior...*sob*

A short visit to a holy priest
Anways, we cheerfully killed monsterous crabs and murlocs galore. Yay us. And that Dragon Somnusnores didn't kill us once.

Also: Cooking 264ish. Yay me!

Well tonight I can't go questing or xping until I've spent time working off my fat gutt from sitting idle so long. But after that... THE DERVISH OF DOOM VISITS DEATH UPON THE DYING BADLANDS!



Anonymous said...

Okay, what happened to the "long and rambly" post I read in RSS? I wanted to comment and say that you weren't in trouble with me! No worries at all. I be diggin the tale of 2.5 orcs muchly. And "orclette" is one of my new favorite words!

Pike said...

Rested XP + improved XP/leveling = love