Saturday, January 26, 2008


Working on a secret project can't tell you guys yet. Its a secret.

Making a note to get Dammerung mongoose enchants at 49 and other twinkish things.... basicly planning on self twinking him off of the auction house.

Life is good but busy in our little cave so Wulfa has not had a chance to post. But she will and she has some great stories.

Bah no comments on our pictures :p. Too tired to really think, so wrapping this short post up here.

Good night and good hunting.


Based on this:

I've done a bunch of site changes. I added a brief description of the blog up top where my quotes were and I've added an about us section on the left. Our character list was moved from the bottom to the left bar and I moved Beowulfa's blogroll above mine. I moved the google search back to the top and added some of our characters to our character list. I may have gotten the names or links wrong and that will be fixed later.

Also I am going to unpublish the post about the comments being no longer moderated and this post will serve in its place.

I'm tired so hopefully in the morning I'll look at this and it will look correct.

P.S. The green stuff is NOT the secret.

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*insert adorable little kitten here for distraction whilst I steal said secret*

Nothing to see here folks, move along.