Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On lazy worthless gnomes.

If DAMMERUNG had been played you would have had tons of posts. But Serayamuij hates everyone.

I noticed(once I came back from this weekend of crazyness) that some kind blogger had taken the time to post a bunch of comments on my blog. About something that I won't talk about because its -that- evil.

Well let my try talking about it. Apparently he did this to a bunch of other people as well I think. Well... people who offer multiples of 100 silver in exchange for multiples of 100 pennies SUCK. I don't support this and am frustrated that I must now moderate my comments to avoid this kind of nasty.

I like my Shaman more than my warlock, I like horde more than alliance. So why do I want to play Serayamuij more than Dammerung?.... I like the guild better.

One there is no level 70's. And none of the people seem to be power-soloing-level-fast-golems. So we might catch up before 70.

Two I'm actually helpful. Already our little group(we're not a clicke, cliche, ..one of those things because we're not evil)...anwaysy our little group is possibly the richest in the guild and the highbies(level 40 people) can USE my Alchemy 124 elixirs and potions.

Three they talk more. A lot more. And the leader is very talkitive.

Which makes me cry. Because I -really- like Dammerung more. But I know that the way this is going... I'm going to turn into an alliance by virtue of guild. Something has to be done!

/marches off to his lair to plot.

One Among Many had these suggestions for a blue shaman name....:

(in order... badly translated then transliterated)

(had to go with army instead of horde because babel fish hates me and two semesters of russian can't fix that)



I think I like the last one best. Not making a blue shammy though... too enraptured with Dammerung and too busy with Serayamuij.

Well... not yet anyways. Evil people trying to trick me...


Kinzlayer said...

There is always the Dreanei's shaman. I honestly I like the starting area for the Dreanei more then any other starting area thus far. The BE starting area is just gross after awhile... scary gross. As for the other starting areas, well we've all seen those places soooooo many times we are sick of them by now.

Anonymous said...

I have 1 suggestion for your "blue shaman"...and you know eventually you'll try one out.

Name him/her any of these:





If an RP type server would not allow such things allow me to suggest the same names...in another language.


Also, that which is not to be named has hit several blogs. I am said to be knocking on wood for luck.

klaki said...

Poor Dammy, soon to be called Seray! Will you change your blog name? Sounds like you will be part of my team finally! Finding a good guild is hard to find. Finding good friends are hard to find too. With that being the case, sticking with a guild no matter the faction comes as human nature it seems.

Good luck on your decision. I think once you get your lock up there, you'll love it. Locks are very powerful and useful.