Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bleh... well at least its something.

Aethelwolfa dinged 17. Serayamuij is 16. We're hoping to have 20g by tomorrow morning if auctions sell.

The horde on this server awe me. They're so ... everywhere.

Dammerung should have a huge blue bar built up. He'd better.


Anonymous said...

And then out of the corner of your eye you see a familiar can't be...

you see the character load the gun...the pet goes just can't be!


Kidding! :P You know I love you crazy little gnomes. They're best used for back scratchers and tick removers (bein that i have so much fur).

Hope you guys are still having fun though - that's the main point!

BTW grats on the RL mount - I hope it doesn't require any extra feeding...and you only get three stable slots...


Dammerung said...

You know... I wouldn't be surprised.

I see horde hunters everywhere.... I mean I saw a troll hunter when I was level 2 and still in that starting area. He had just cleared out all of the guards and was working on one shotting npcs.


At least Dammerung doesn't have to deal with that junk.

Well after that post I got to 17. So we're both at 17 and I'm hoping to help wulfa get to 20 by tomorrow night.