Thursday, January 24, 2008

Soooo tired . . .

Dammy and I have been staying up late , killing mobs together and it's beginning to affect me. The cut down on sleep, not the playing with Dammy. And Orclette never sleeps in, doesn't instinctively know that her parents need more sleep . . . because it's so cute and it's happening right now I'll share what my little Orclette is doing: she's trying to drink out of my travel mug. She's got the correct end, at least (and it's empty, by the way).

But today will not be about Wulfa. It will be about Aethelwolfa, my stocky little dwarf.

Aethel recently received her tabard. I'd heard that it was pretty-white stars on a dark blue background with a white border. I was excited to try it on, see how it contrasted with my red hair. I put it on, turned Aethel around, and-oh my. Oh dear. How?

You see, dwarven women have big bosoms. And guess where two of the stars were located? You guessed right. Smack dab on the kahoonies. They didn't even look like stars anymore 'cause they were sooo stretched out. Now I know that our guildmistress wouldn't do that on purpose-she's way too sweet. But how did she miss that! Then I recollected that she's a Night Elf. Tall, slim, regal, not too much in the way of bosom. And sure enough I ran across a fellow NE guildie. She looked wonderful. Tiny little stars were glittering amonst a deep blue background. Tasteful. Pretty. I gave Aethel another look just to make sure I hadn't imagined it. I hadn't. Bah. I'll wear the tabard, to show solidarity and all that, and it really is pretty. But if you ever come across a dwarf with big white stars stretched across her chest, yeppers, it's me.

I don't have anything that'll top the tabard story. And my little orclette has come across my mouse. Bah.



Arrens said...

Bahahaha! That. Is. Awesome!

Pike said...

I definitely know what you mean about being tired, I've been staying up waaaaay past my bedtime recently running instances. See the thing is, I wake up at 4:45am every morning so I can be at work by 6:00 which is when my shift starts. So staying up until midnight doing instances with the guild... is not a good idea. =P I've taken to really limited the instances I go on with them if they're going to do them late at night-- I only let myself do that on occasion.

Because in the long run, health > WoW. Health even > Hunter Loot as much as it pains me to say it!