Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The picture says it all.

The armory hasn't saved the new me. So let me do some translating for those who can't read a picture of an orc :P.

20% more movement speed
~60dps/~30dps(but the axe and dagger still needs serious skilling up)
+115str from gear now
~+15 agi
~1300 armor.

And from my "extensive testing" in the 5 min before I logged off :P... I rock the house now. I bring a flurry of world ending doom and death and choppity and slicety. I am the desert. I am the tundra. I am the element that kills you!

Okay. Now that that is out of my system, I'll go back to whistling happily and staring blankly into my happy place. See you guys a bit later with a post about getting xp.


Exanimo said...

i must be able to read orcish then :)

Jabari said...

I can't read Orcish, but I can read Shaman well enough to get a rough translation ;)

For the Enhancer, start getting into good habits now! Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow weapons, everything else is secondary.

Jabari said...

Addendum: You're not quite a "flurry of world ending doom and death and choppity and slicety" yet...

... but you will be in one more level when you get StormStrike!


Dammerung said...

I purchased the slowest level 35-40 none-main-hand weapon I could at the time :P My AH sucked last night. All the axes were main hand. All the maces where two-hand ;P. No fist weapons so I don't even know if there were any slow ones. And I get left with a 1.3 speed dagger. At least it had str on it.

At level 43 I'll be changing to a much slower axe, if I can't find anything before then.

Dammerung said...

The axe I bought two weeks ago in preperation for level 40... I didn't think to check...and it was mainhand.

Greater scythe of suck.

So I had to just use one +7 str axe instead of 2.

Dammerung said...

Had another thought.. I had been planning on picking up the +6% hit before stormstrike as I'm missing a ton. Does it change things so very much? Based on how long my fights last it seems like I'd only get to use it about every other fight. But if it is a drastic change I'll grab it next.

Dammerung said...

I meant to add that my fights last about 45 seconds and I thought it has a 2 min cooldown.

Jabari said...

Grab StormStrike first.

It's an instant, double-weapon attack, and makes your next Earth Shock +20%. Lightning shields, too.

10 second cooldown.

It's huge, as both weapons can independently crit and trigger Flurry, and both weapons can trigger WF (main hand first)...

... assuming the WF 3-second "hidden" cooldown is over. Do you have a WF timer mod yet? (It'll show the windfury cooldown as a timer bar)

Dammerung said...

10 seconds!

Runs to go look it up.


Runs back in a state of glee.

Seriously I thought it was on a 2 min cooldown.

And no I currently don't have any timers. I tend to use my BloodFury cooldown as my totem timer. Can you recomend a good WF timer?

Jabari said...

Totem timer - I've always just used DoTTimer for that (as I had that for my lock and priest). I think there are better ones out there though.

WF timer is different - it's tracking the WF weapon imbue timing and not the totem (which you won't use while soloing). Once WF procs (from either hand), it can't proc again for 3 seconds (again, from either hand).

A "WF Timer" mod shows that cooldown. The reason it's nice is that you generally want to wait until WF is "eligible" (aka, off cooldown) before hitting Stomrstrike, as the SS gives 2 shots to get a WF proc immediately.

There are a couple mods that do that - DisqoDice (curse) and Enhancer (ACE) both do that and a lot more, and there was another one that I used before named "wf3s" or somesuch that had just the timer.