Thursday, January 24, 2008

Long Rambly and likely to get me in trouble.

So... some people who are awesome, did something spiffy this week. And digging through their spiffy I found:


Which shocked me because I thought that someone was a mage or something. And was astonished to find out that I hadn't added her to my feed reader.

And I found this guy!

And Kinless I missed you as well somehow. You've been added to my feeder and I'll update my roll at some point.

So very many of us!

So my self created angst rages on. I am entirely envious of the ease with which hunters and locks level. Every other character I have immediantly falls behind if I'm leveling with 'Wulfa or jerkfacebrother ;P.

I need to stop whining. Life is better than I think it is. Dammerung is awesome now yes. And one of these days his weapons will actually be fully skilled up. And mounts own.


I'm using flametongue on my dagger currently because it is way too underskilled and I kept seeing windfury do: 1, 10, 10. Which made me cry. But I plan to go back to WF/WF once the skill ups are complete...unless I find an offhand axe before then.

The last 3-4 levels I've started using SoE and Mana totems every fight and Searing and Binding on longer fights or caster fights respectively. I like it a lot that mobs last long enough for me to use the totems and actually get a benefit. Also I've taken to following the advice I was given and finding a likely spot and just pulling the mobs to my totems.

Last night me and 'wulfa were in the Badlands killing wolves on our way over to the southeast corner. I had just finished off a wolf and I saw this ally casting MC on me... I nature shocked him and started to charge and on my way in I saw "??" under his name... my first thought was joys I'm dead no matter what happens... but I was able to close and start chopping and he dropped to about 75% and I'm not exactly sure what happened next... I know he ran away a tiny bit and I think he was about to do the 'priest fear' on me when this HUGE RED RAPTOR starts chewing on his face. His casting bar changes over to trying to 'fear' the raptor and fails. I see him bubble... and he starts a heal and the bubble goes away and my shock ends his heal right about the time that the raptor and the arrows finish him.

Turns out he was a level 51 priest(he wasn't ?? to wulfa). But still, myself(level 40) and wulfa(level44?) killed a level 51 priest who HAD THE INITIIVE while we were busy fighting wolves(level 40's). This isn't as impressive as pike slaughtering that higher level hunter 5 times straight but I was pleased.

According to the shedual(intential misspelling) I'm supposed to play Dammerung tonight. We'll see. I'm very tempted to just play Serayamuij and catch up with Aethelwolfa. Both my characters being 3-4 levels lower than hers is starting to get old. Darn her and her extra playing time. :P

Well thats about it... make sure you've read her post below. I found it hillarious(both her and my brother's bluecow have this problem). MUHHAHAHAHA.


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