Saturday, April 25, 2009

Because she got busy and never read the comments until just now:

I get forced to post. Woe is me and all that jazz :P

Here is the link she refered to:

Tell me if it is broken and I'll fix it.

Finals are looking pretty good. I might get all A's after all. If I don't screw up any of the finals too much.

Everything is ready financially and legally for me to leave(on the homefront I mean).

Sorry about bailing on the story writing. I have the next two to three plot posts done in my head but not on paper and haven't really had time.

Contrary to most of what I've read Wulfa posting I'm not in that great of shape. I'm going to be able to ship ...but just barely thanks to my lack of running. I just haven't been able to consistantly run out this month. Which is mostly my fault I know. Busy people always say that you can make time for the important things. Sigh.

Ever see the panda kungfu movie? Thats me.... I eat when I'm stressed... or at least I did before coming to NM. So while I haven't gone nutso and eaten tons I've found it very difficult to be responsible and not eat like crazy. I'm getting better on that front but slowly.

I -haven't- gained weight but I haven't lost any since Jan. I'm full of small trickling worries that explode into huge torrents if given any attention at all. So I repeat facts to myself like:

I've got all the finances down so Wulfa is going to be okay.
I'm -at- the running mark and the addrenaline from being about to leave will enable me to make the run time just fine.
Wulfa and Orclette are going to be JUST fine... they have grandparents in town, an uncle in town and several friends. People do this all the time and their families are fine.
I've done good in my classes all semester. The final will not kill me and ruin my grades forever.
I usually calm down once things start happening... I'm not going to get to basic and flip out and get sent back.
I'm NOT going to turn into a pink elephant with purple spots and get forced to be an accountant for the rest of my life while wearing green snail shoes.

That last one ... its the worst.

A few blog things:
Grats on the kid Herk and Sony.
TJ the shower head is your responsibility... the guy can't be held guilty in that case.
The blog roll doesn't represent my reading choices at this moment. Since I don't play WoW anymore I'm only intrested in funny antidotes(spelling) or nifty RP stories. I no longer read about talent builds or gear sets or boss fights or peoples stories about how they fought that boss. So at somepoint I need to trim the tree back to the game design/xycd/writing blogs and the friend blogs.

A few news things:
DnD 4.0 is looking way better than I expected. I will probably end up getting it.
Robert Jordan's next book(written by Sanderson) will be out soon yay!
G.R.R. Martin is doing a tv version of his series... not sure where I stand on this.

And thats about it. I've been told I -will- post a last I'm leaving now post before I leave so see you guys then.

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