Friday, April 24, 2009

I finally found it

I knew there had to be a webpage out there that compiled all of the mother-written blogs out there. I've just had no success finding it.

I found it this morning.

Out goes all my old blogs that NEVER EVER update and in comes all the fancy new blogs. There's even one written by a military wife. Which I am now.

I only get interested in what other mothers think when I'm pregnant. All the blogs I just removed from my google webpage? Added during the Orclette's pregnancy. I imagine I'll be adding even more when Damm leaves, school stops, and I retire at long last from B&N. Which, by the way, is a certainty this time. I haven't turned in official notice but I have let the hiring manager know that after July I won't be working with them. That's going to be a sad day.

Ok, what other weird things do I do when providing housing for a squirming, kicking infant? This time around I get cravings. Mostly for unhealthy foods, such as fries dipped in ranch, Blizzards from Dairy Queen, pizza dipped in ranch (I lurve ranch dressing). I tend to get reclusive, which didn't stand out as much last time since I had to stay home 11 hours a day anyway (only one car which hubby and brother used to get to work which was an hour away). Ummm .... I do get the urge to redecorate, but that's a common thing, the whole "nesting" urge. I get creative and come up with and also complete all sorts of crafty projects. We'll see how that goes this time around with an almost 2-year old ready and eager to help out.

That's it. I can't think of any other odd quircky things I do that are exclusive to the pregnant state.

And today I have my last quiz. Next week I turn in my last paper. Monday the 4th we have our last tests. And May 5th, early in the morning, Damm will be going to MEPS and then off to S. Carolina for basic. I know I mention that a lot but 6 months is a long time and I haven't had to do it before. Endure would probably be a better word, although I'm planning on being way too busy to simply endure. We're getting Orclette's "big-girl" room ready. We're buying new toys for her (Big-girl toys). Once I find out whether it's gonna be Brendan or Charis I'm sure I won't be able to resist buying stuff for them either. And of course we'll be redecorating the apartment.

And I'm stalling, trying to think of more things to write so I don't have to work out. I like working out. But lately doing it early in the morning has been challenging. Ok, 'nuff stalling.


Anonymous said...

Now that you've "found it", how about a link so the rest of us can too? :)

Kelmar said...

Damm and Wulfa!

Hip is pregnant with number 2!

She is about 4-6 weeks along. I started a new blog that both of us will write on.

Check it out when you get a sec.

TJ said...

I have a flat TON of mother blogs if you need any more. I especially love I used to babysit her kids before I moved to AZ, now I just look at pictures of them and wail.

Softi said...

Ohh the cravings! I remember needing salt on everything for the first 3 months I was pg with Zack - I really *hate* salt on most things the rest of the time, so I figured my body must've needed it.
Then came the Big Mac cravings. I can't even look at them now. ><

I wanna see this big list of mom blogs - I hope mine is on there! ;)