Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day where the posts wouldn't stop.

Search "old-blind crippled dog story"... in google...

and you can find us!

I have decided that once I hit 40 I will start leaving my LFG flag turned on when I sign on with more than an hour to play. Just to start getting an idea of partying.

Meg and "that guy" posted their key bindings. And I figured I would as well(Because I felt like it):

1 = Lesser Healing Wave rank 2
2 = Lightning bolt rank 6
3 = Earth Shock Rank 4
4 = Lightning Shield Rank 4
5 = Flame SHock rank 3
6 = Chain Lighting Rank 1

The rest are mouse bound:
Scroll up = MS totem rank 1
Scroll down = SoET rank 2 and Blood fury
Scroll click = ST rank 3
Shift-Scroll up = Healing Wave rank 6
Shift-Scroll down = GhostWolf(yay for 2 talents and 1 sec cast times)
Shift-Click = Grounding Totem

I tend to only use totems if I'm low on hps/mana or I'm in for a long fight. Otherwise fights end too quickly to bother. LS does around 90-120 damage now and the extra 20 str doesn't change the duration of fights by enough for me to bother. I would love to fight things that took forever though..... to bad I don't have enough survivabilty.... any fight which lasts long enough usually means I'm dying too quickly... which is sad... because totem buffs own.

Should I get gear enchants at level 40? And if so... should it be +str? or what? No No I shouldn't... they cost too much and I'll be replacing the gear too soon anyways.

Last post for the day... I swear.


Tengu said...

It's been such a long time since I played my shaman that I forgot that in normal fights we usually don't use our totems.

Anyway, if you want to use your totems more you could go to a lower level instance you can solo but still can be a bit dangerous. Or you could try getting two mobs you can kill fast enough. Dunno. My shaman has been gathering dust for a long time as I've been trying to make money with her for the level 60 mount. So my memories of what works as a shaman are kinda dubious now... @_@

Jabari said...

I still drop all my totems for grinding/levelling - just try to find an area where you can chain-pull 4 or 5 guys.

Just not all at the same time! :)