Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lets try and organize!

Ideally this post will be about the following topics:

1) A short review of last year.
2) A declaration of some goals for this year
3) Shaman mounts?

Hopefully I won't rabbit trail too much.

So I started this blog on 11-7-2007. I believe my stated goals at the time were to have a shaman blog and to fish or something like that. A ponytail got upset at being called icky and I suddenly had two hundred meeelion people visiting.

I don't have a best post but my most commented on post was either that first one... or the one a few days ago about party setup.

I am now level 35. The highest I've ever been. And I've played on and off since 2006(feburary or so). As of today I"ve had 2,145 visitors total. Not sure if you guys are all unique or if I just have one persistant stalker. I had 89 posts last year(blogger counts my first 5 posts of this year as last year). And I managed to not miss a day posting. I think. Other than sunday which was this year anyways. Okay I'm done. All in all 2007 was a good year. I got an orclett. I hit one year anniversaries on Beowulfa and my job and living in this state. So yay.


Get the hell out of debt. Debt is like slavery. Its evil and it eats away at your goals for your life... want to go on vacation? BEEEP rejected! You get to pay a student loan instead. Getting loans of any type(this includes credit cards) was the worst decision we've ever made.

In WoW, get to 39 by febuary. Get to 40 by march. I only play about 10 hours a week at this point. And before we hit 40 we have these goals: 500g, 300 LW, 300 alchemy. I think we're at 230g and 250 LW and 150 Alchemy at the moment. Alchemy has taken 1.5 hrs to get this high, but I know its going to slow up soon. Gold is stuck at 200-250g because we're spending it to raise LW and alchemy and on myself leveling.

5) BBB mentioned mounts. *I* thinks shamans' shouldn't get a special flying mount. Instead we should get a spell called Air Walking..... that works the same but costs a component and requires you to have the air totem thingy(which you dang well better have by 70/80). The spell would work like water walking... it is dispelled by combat, can't be cast in combat and as a special new bonus can only be cast while standing on the ground. Also you should have white/blue orbs circling your feet. (Oh and the spell costs the same as purchasing flying riding skill...with the upgrade costing the same as purchasing the flying riding skill elite version)

This is themey....fits with our current spells in how they work, and is -exactly- like having a mount just not requiring any mountyness. Anyways thats my 78 and a half pennies.

The Ratshag link will be fixed soon pointing at the fishing post that made me want to start.
Whee fixed.

Also, hey BRK when you say ice traps work on more than one mob..... do you mean they work like Ice Nova(ie: one mob triggers it and the mobs in an area are frozen) or more like if the mobs are all standing in the same spot and run on top of the trap blammo freezums!?(lacking link because I"m lazy).


klaki said...

omg omg omg omg omg...
i'm on your blogroll!!!! but i have a big X next to me. i guess i gotta stop being so lazy and post more stuff!


1. i was sent here via TJ and have been a rabid reader ever since. dammy, you remind me a lot of myself and wulfa has a nice way of putting things. so i enjoy it all around.

2. debt is the DEVIL! i too am haunted by this thing. i'm beating it a little at a time though. good luck in your fight as well.

5. 5! what happened to 3! :) 1,2,5 sounds fishy to me. well, i think it would be quite awkward to see people walking in air, but maybe a shaman could ride some kind a elemental looking mount. i agree in the fact that more classes need cooler mounts.

keep up the good work and...

BUY WULFA A PUPPY! if not, let cute, adorable puppies haunt your dreams! hehe :)

Nibuca said...

Not BRK.. but...

The method of two traps:

Lay a trap. Wait for 30 sec for cooldown to go away.
Baddie #1 hits trap.
Lay another trap.
Baddie #2 hits trap #2.

Two baddies trapped.

Baddie #1 breaks out of trap at max of 20 seconds later.. That leaves you with 10 sec left on trap cooldown.. so I don't think you can have 3 traps down simultaneously.. at least not unless you're Survival spec.

In 2.3 they made it so that when baddie #2 hit trap #2, trap #1 broke. Hunters cried foul. Hunter traps are much harder to manage than other CC (sheep, banish, seduce) so limiting it to a single trap was called unfair. In 2.3.2 Blizzard seems to have agreed with the hunters and has gone back to allowing double trapping.

Anonymous said...

Dunno anything about unique visitors but I am sure one of the persistant stalkers. What? Don't look at me like that. It is your fault for making an interesting blog, not mine! : p

Oh, and about the shaman flying walking... I dunno, water walking doesn't seem so strange because you are walking just the same way that you would in land. But air walking is strange because you are not setting foot on anything and walking up and down just seems weird. Levitation was like that in Morrowind and I never liked it. Just seemed a lame way to not implement a proper levitation animation.

Though Klaki sugestion to have an elemental looking mount is good. If they do give shamans one of that though I want a unique flying mount for my paladin and one for warlocks. : p

Tengu said...

Argh. It was Tengu on the last post. Sorry about the double post and forgetting to add the nickname. >_<

Goeben said...

Regarding Shaman mounts:

Waaaaay back, in beta (I think) Tauren didn't have mounts at all -- they had a skill called Plains Running that made them as fast as a mount. I wish they had kept it; that would be way cooler than watching a kodo waddle.

My point is that the mechanics of Air Running would probably be no problem, though I would agree with Klaki that the vertical dimension would be awkward.

My preference would be for the Whorl of Air from the Draenei air totem quest. (It's been so long since I did the Air totem quest as Horde, I don't know if that is part of it now.) Basically, you are surrounded by a tornado, kind of like a druid's hurricane, and you fly Superman-style down from the mountain after completing the quest. Make it steerable and that would be an awesome substitute for a mount.

Tengu said...

Actually, if I remember well, the draenei wind totem quest didn't make you fly superman style.. Yes, there was the tornado thing but it used the swimming animation. Actually, I think it was just part of the swimming animation, like if you were swimming and someone just injected you with a paralyzing poison making you stand that way forever. Didn't look good either.

TJ said...

Dude. I'm a brunette.

You never get anything right!


Dammerung said...


/points at the text on the upper left of the blog!

/runs and hides.