Friday, January 11, 2008

My turn

I am level 40! Woot! There, I've finally used that word.

So we did discuss our gold goals and alchemy and all that sort of good thing and Dammy decided that I didn't need to wait on him. His precise words were, "I want you to be my sugar-mama." Harrumph. I already am his sugar-mama. It took me about 5-10 minutes to ding 40 (can you imagine how hard it was sitting at 39 when I was that close?) and I had Bestial Wrath. /dance & smilies. Flew back into Orgrimmar, trained mail and all the other stuff, bought my wolfie, a pretty dire mount that I shall call Wulfie (absolutely no play/pun on my name intended. Not.). We fell in love at first sight. Moved on to the AH and bought myself pretty new armor for decent prices. I kept my agility-only 3 less than what I had with my +agility leathers. So I was pleased.

Went out to play with my new toys and found myself in Tanaris. (I wandered over there from 1k Needles because Gadga-whatchamacallit has a flight point that's soo much closer to the Shimmering Flats). I immediately started panicking because there were all these Alliance people running about. Laugh at self. It's a-what are those little green men? I'm having a complete blank. Anyway, Susan and I decided to try out the mobs surrounding the city. They're all 1-4 lvls higher than myself so it takes me awhile but they're all giving me thick leather which I need (and scorpid scales!) And then I come up on a basilisk. Now, I have new armor and all but I'm still a squishy compared to Susan. So it's imperative that lvl 43's (I was lvl 40 at the time) not come near me 'cause I will take a beating. So we're slowly killing the basilisk, I'm making sure I don't take hate away from Susan, when Susan stops attacking and the basilisk starts coming toward me with half his health remaining. Dangnabbit. I shoot him with my stun to give myself time to prepare. I lay down my frost trap. It doesn't hold. I try the disengage button (that probably was not the best choice but I was thinking on the fly). It didn't work. What to do? Ooh, what's this button? Scare beast? I tried it. And the basilisk ran away from me! /dance of joy. It kept running around in circles until Susan woke up and made short work of it.

So I know I probably should have known how to use scare beast before this but there are so many options. I just never got around to using it before. I'm now a fan, let me assure you and I have moved it to a place of honor with my other tricks, right alongside Mend Pet and Ice Trap. I think I've used all the other tricks hunters have at level 40. Except for one: Distracting Shot. I tried it once a looong time ago and it didn't do any damage so I never used it again (please remember I was a total newbie, rather than just a newbie, at the time). But last night Dammy and I were in the Swamp of Sorrows (totally depressing place) and he, at level 36, was aggroing EVERYTHING. And his health bar goes down so quickly. So I needed to pull mobs off of him, and what do you know, Distracting Shot does just that. So now I have used all the cool tricks hunters have. At level 40. I'm waiting eagerly for that snake thingy.

I dinged 41 last night. Blue bars are awesome. And I have the go-ahead from Dammy to continue leveling so I can be his sugar-mama. I hope that's not an offensive term, now that I've used it several times. So Wulfie, Susan, my little Dragonhawk, and myself are gearing up for more adventures. /maniacal laughter. We're going to take over the world.




Pike said...

ya know, I didn't have Hunter's Mark on my action bars until level 20 or so (I had no idea what it was supposed to do) and I didn't have Mongoose Bite on my action bars until well after level 40 or so (my reasoning was that it was too difficult to keep track of when I was dodging, and I didn't want to melee anyway.)

Now I think everything is on my action bars... except for revive pet and dismiss pet because I try not to use those =P

Tengu said...

Congratulations! : )

Well, the closest thing to discovering abilities that I should have known for a long time was on my paladin... It was Righteous Defense that for some reason was not in my any of my bars. It is an essential skill as it taunts the mob back to you if it is attacking someone else.

I just rediscovered it because I was reading a paladin blog talking about it. Then I looked at my bars didn't find it. So I thought "Well, maybe it is a higher level skill."

I think I stumbled on it by chance when looking at my new spells that I got at the trainer.

All that was around level 50ish.

Same thing happened to a blessing that lessens aggro. This was at least was in my buff bar. But I was so used to blessing people with Blessing of Kings that I ignored all the others. So when a person asked me for it I looked at my bars, look at my spells, didn't find it and said "Uh... I don't think I have it yet." Again, in the fifties. I just found it on my bar a long time later. Ooops. :x

Anonymous said...

Grats on 40 and 41 now! Woot for mounts and fun toys at lvl 40! Rock that hot mail armor! hehe

I cant remember what spells I used to neglect in the beginning...three years is a long time for me to remember...

*grabs cane*
*proceeds to knock young orc whippersnappers off lawn*

klaki said...

Grat on 41 Wulfa! My wife is my sugar-mama. She always has money, I'm always poor. :) The key to being a good hunter is aggro management and I'm glad you are getting the hang of it. Scare Beast is a great tool, but just be careful where you use it. You might end up pulling more mobs. Another great tool that doesn't get enough credit is WingClip. If you can't scare it and for some reason it resists your DisE, FD, and trap, the pop a WC on it and it will slow down long enough for you to get away to hit it with another Concussion shot. Then by that time either your pet or another cooldown should be back :)

Anonymous said...

I dont know why that didnt register with me right away.

"Hi, my name is Hawkspirit and I'm a sugar-mama"

The boy is lvl 56 now though...and taking my advice on how to make his own fundage.

Dammerung said...

Lemme defend my sorry leeching orc booty!

*I* send her things to sell.

Fire oil, fishies, herbs, greens, ore(used to), disenchants etc.

She processes those things and occasionally supplies me with gold.

*I* want her to level so she can send me herbs that I can convert to alchie things that she can convert to gold.

So *I* can be rich like that Cassie.

"Rich like Cassie" is the WoW translation of that old saying.

Cus I say so.