Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Waiting and waiting . . .

I'm still chillin' in Orgrimmar waiting for Dammy to catch up so we can ding 40 together. To be fair he is working hard leveling up alchemy and herbalism (he was inspired by Mrs. BBB) and also fishing to supply his alchemy needs. This requires a fair amount of time and time he doesn't have in abundance. So I'll be waiting for awhile.
In the meantime what am I doing to help us reach 500 gold? I'm running Ragefire Chasm and Wailing Caverns. Over, and over, and over again to obtain greens for my warrior alt who is currently my banker (thanks to Og for that wonderful idea) and also has enchanting. Disenchant all items, sell them, and I come out golds richer than I was. But again, this requires me to run WC over, and over, and over again. I tell myself it's like a marathon and that we've done before. But then I remember at the end of a marathon you get a lovely massage. You get all the eatable goodies. You get to proudly stalk around 'cause you just completed a marathon. You get a fabulous post-race meal of huge bacon cheeseburger and steak fries topped off with a Dairy Queen blizzard. But running WC infinite times? /whimper.
I have a confession to make regarding Ragefire Chasm. My pet died. I know, the shame of it. It's level 17, 18? 20 if you want to solo? The story: I decided to practice my flying leaps and was quite beautiful flying through the air, landing amidst 3 mobs. I started practicing my sword moves waiting for Susan to catch up with me. It was taking longer than usual so I glanced at her health bar and-ohmygosh! She died! In her eagerness to reach me she went into the lava. Poor Susan. So there I was, rezzing my pet whilst 3 ugly dudes were beating on me. She finished them in short order though.
Orclette can say "da-da-da-da" now. Dammy is quite proud of her. At the moment, however, she is wailing dramatically and giving me the most heart-wrenching looks. So I must attend to my little drama queen (she really is a drama queen . . . but that's another story).


Whistles quietly and points at his mini-post in the comments.


klaki said...

Gratz @ Orclett

It's awesome, especially that she is saying that. I bet it makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Dammy, you need to get leveled up. I know profs are important, but you'll have plenty of time for that. While I was leveling, I only did profs when I saw an opportunity. Plus when you reach 40 and get mounts, that only make herb 10x easier. Oh, and one last thing...


BigBearButt said...

Too true, you'll have a far better time, and a lot more fun, if you just concentrate on leveling your herbing while running around everywhere leveling, adn store up those mats. Then once you're 60 or so, you can blow those amts elveling your alchemy, and you can easily go hunt down whatever specific herbs you need for tricky leveling formulas.

Cassie makes sick, MAD money from her alchemy... but the secret is that she has someone that could run around on an epic land mount in Eastern Plaguelands farming herbs for exactly what she needed to make.

Dammerung said...

/ramble ON
QQ on


I am so bored of farming xp. Ick Ick Ick.

QQ off

Herbalism 100
Alchemy 187+
Fishing 208
Cooking 190+

40 yellow fishes + 20 cheep vial + 20 seaweed = 20 fire oil
10g? + coppers + 4g? = 16g
1hour fishing + lucky seaweed drops = 16g

20 oily blackmouth + 10 cheep vial + 5 vial + 5 seaweed = 5 free action potion
3g + coppers + 5s + 1g = 7g
1hr fishing(for seaweed) + lucky blackmouth drops = 7g

I like fishing. I like alchemy. I think cooking is cool. I thing herbs is rich!

I think farming xp is the dullest thing ever done on the face of ever.

I think farming gold is the greatest thing ever done on the face of ever.

Gold means leveling xp is fun(we can buy blues!), gold means lots of 'extras', gold means getting to twink YOUR MAIN. It also means we level slower. A lot slower.

Alchemy means loads of battle and guardian, something I've never ever used before and now wonder how I skipped it. Also I burn through mana/health potions like a druggy.

Fishing/cooking means +10stm/spr or +6mp5... and gold.

Herbalism is 99% useless and 180% gold. Gold gold gold.

Wolf mounts are only a 20% speed increase. Epic mounts are 60 AND cost gold.

Also at 40 we both want to completely get new mail gear.(more gold).

We're probably going to discuss this at lunch and decide which goals to toss/keep.

But I'm thinking that maybe I'll just write down the guardian and battle elixers Wulfa and I will actually use and make sure that I can make those and once I can stopping for a bit and just farming gold/cooking. So that I have enough food/elixars/pots for leveling. Then enough gold for getting -good- axes/mail at 40.

Yeah... more on this after lunch.
/ramble off

klaki said...

It's not farming XP, it's farming XP WITH WULFA! Those two words should be inspiration enough to get back onto the leveling trail. :)

No need to thank me.



Dammerung said...

hah :P

Well to be honest they would be.

Except that due to Orclette we only ever do instances together.

We never get to xp together.

Dammerung said...

Also, btw, we discussed it and decided that for the most part you guys are right. So I'm going to get alchemy to 230(for Greater Agi and Giants and Greater Deffense) and then I will work solely on gold farming/leveling. As for Wulfa... well thats her post.

klaki said...


Anonymous said...

Dammerung - you sound like me lol, farming is just too boring! But the gold and rewards that follow are just really worth it. One of these days I'll sit in front of my computer a whole day (probably weekend) and just lvl a 2nd-ary profession.

Oh and you said wolf mounts are a 20% speed increase and epics are 60%...Just want to clarify incase you just mistyped...regular land mounts (non-epic) increase speed by 60%. Epic land mounts increase speed by 100%.

Aspect of the Cheetah is 30% I believe (unless its 40% and I'm just too tired to remember) and cheetah form then being 40% (for druids).

I need more caffiene...the mount increases are right though. And cost much less than they used to


Rock on little farming man!

Dammerung said...

Ghostwolf(Shaman travel spell) = 40% movement increase. And unlike the silly hunter thing I'm not auto stunned when things hit me.

So mounts are only 20% increase for me.

Dammerung said...

Forgot to add a smiley :P

I actually appreciate the input. I really really do. Even if I sound like I'm snapping back and being surly.

To me I sound like that anyways.


:P :P :P :P ;P ;P

Anonymous said...

Dammerung - that's cool...I really thought you were discussing regular mounts - not any sort of aspect or shape shifting.

I was like...hmmm last time I checked my regular mount was 60%! hehe

I loved having ghost wolf on Demon though - I was blazing past everyone in wsg and ab! *sigh*

Ah memories...