Thursday, January 10, 2008

A night spent sulking.

Is this what being in a disfunctional raid is like?

"You're getting to kill things more than me!"

"No you are!"

"I keep having to lead the newbies and don't get to do the cool stuff"

"No *I* keep having to do that you get to spend all your time killing things!"

"No I don't I have to work!"

"Work free of newbies!"

"Fine I'll just take the newbies and GO TO BED!"


"I don't want to kill things anymore I think I'm going to cancel my account"QQQQ

My brother didn't work yesterday(because he was on call or something last night), so he spent all day playing WoW. So Wulfa got to spend all day watching a baby while someone else was sitting in the living room playing games. So she was frustrated and envious by the time I got home. I was tired and fussy. After the standard get home/eat/cleanup, I started playing WoW(it was my turn). She was able to start playing as well but then drew orclette agro when orclette woke up. And about then our world fell apart.

Pent-up frustrations on both sides. Lots of QQ. Lots of sulking.

Also throw in an orclette who was too tired to play/eat/sit but would burst out screaming at the sight of bed(she eventually ate again and then was content to burble and squirm for 20 min while her parents alternated scowling at eachother and grinning at her).

In the end I was so tired of all of it that I offered to stop playing all together(I say I offered... I was mad at the time and right now it sounds like me being passive agressive) so that I wouldn't be playing when she watched the baby.

This morning there was a lot of appologizing all around. She explained why she was frustrated, I explained why I was, we both agreed to try and act more like adults and less like the 3 year olds we are inside.

Oh and I asked if I could post this as this was what we did last night. And she said sure...minus some editing.

For those keeping score... someone has a new doggie(in WoW)... and someone else is 5k xp from 36(with about 4 complete quests and 3 almost complete ones and 3 ones to start next).

Another post to come later on today I think.

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klaki said...

Dammy and Wulfa,
That will not be first time you have those nights. My wife and I have those as well. I can't count how many times either I or my wife have said "I'm going to cancel my account.", yet we still play :) Its funny how we get in those moods. The thing is it can come from anywhere. Just keep the faith and remember that you two are much more important than a game.

Gratz to Wulfa for the on-line puppy. It's a start. now onto the RL puppy!