Monday, January 7, 2008

Totally Non-WOW(now with a Sunday post!)

I frequently laugh at myself. Even more so when I have the privilege of working at my grand institution of a bookstore. Sometimes I even get to have a laugh not directed at myself. So, all the interesting and funny-at least to me-things that happened at my bookstore over the weekend:

#1. Customer has an order. I notice last name is Sweeney. I ask, "Do you get teased at all for your last name?" Blank look. "Sweeney Todd?" Still a blank look. "The demon barber of Seville?" At this point she's getting a worried look on her face. Having come this far I decided to risk one last query: "The new Johnny Depp movie?" Nope. Nothing. Note to self: don't ask about people's first/last name. Just don't.

#2. I'm old. Not quite at the age that hobbits come of age but old enough to think, when a cute just-starting-college guy comes through my line, "Oh, what a cute kid." Yeah, kid. Bah.

#3. Not everyone is as young as they look. I was talking to a particular young gentleman as if he were young teenageish age. When he pulled out his wallet to pay he flashed a credit card. Unless they're giving out cards to young kids nowadays that was a whoopsi on my part. Fortunately he didn't seem to notice.

#4. When an elderly lady (70's, 80's) remarks that she has been an avid reader since the first grade DON'T respond with: "Oh, you must be out of books by now!"

#5. This isn't from this weekend but I still consider it one of the funniest bookstore moments ever. I was working on a project, going back and forth from our back room. There was a group of 40ish women in the Romance/Sexuality section. No big deal. We don't care what you look at/buy. But then they started giggling. Like teenage girls. And they started looking around as if they needed help. So reluctantly I headed over there and asked if I could help them. One of them motioned me closer, looked around to make sure no one was nearby, and whispered, "I need a book on how to talk dirty." Whoa. I was a unmarried-homeschooled-Christian brought up young lady at the time and I could come up with several tasty phrases. And she was 40!

I have more little stories but my Orclette is needing serious mommy-and-me time. I hope you enjoy my tales-from-the-bookstore.


P.S. For those of you who were wondering (this includes Dammy) the old lady, after I made my sterling comment, gave me a LOOK. But she seemed fine after that. And if you were wondering about #5 and whether there was a book out there for her, the answer is yes. There are quite a few books written specifically on how to "talk dirty."

Edited by Dammernoob: Below is my sunday post :P

So I was too tired yesterday to post, and my bratty younger brother borrowed(stole) my mouse because he "forgot" and left his somewhere.

Anyways A1RSHIPS!111!!111!!!!

Also, I picked up alchemy and herbalism(and tossed mining and skinning). I LOVE herbalism, and I like how alchemy meshes with my fishing(yay for oily blackfishes or whatever they are called). What I don't like is now that I'm using the fishes I never seem to find any of their pools.

Beowulfa got a little bit hurt when I said that she was taking over my blog. It isn't true. I love that she posts and that she writes better than I do. She lends me an air of respectability. So everyone say that she is awesome! Or I'll talk to you and rot yer brain.

Tomorrow I have a real post coming. It will be about one of two things: last year wrapup or plans for the new year. Also Jabari I'm working slowly on a post of things I've learned in our little group building exercise.

Well thats it,

Hopefully I won't get in trouble with someone for this "Sunday" post. She can be aweful scary sometimes with that bow.



Tengu said...

Yeah, #2 sucks.

And #3... I will be 27 this year. Yet nobody would say I am over 18 years old... >_>

As for #5, I don't know if I should be surprised or just laugh.

Kinzlayer said...

A1 quality, very funny.

klaki said...

Did Dammy say something? I only come here to read Wulfa's posts. :)

Just kidding, I love reading both of your posts.

Innonexess said...