Thursday, January 10, 2008



Its me Dammy again. I've been spending the last week picking up gnome-car-litter in the Shimmering flats. Lots of turtles,bugs,birds,lizards.

An alliance warrior in his 44th season tried to take out one of the guards to the Tauren outpost in Thousand Needles. Myself and younger shaman saw him lead her into a dark canyon and we came with. The Tauren lady was very grateful for our healing and escort back. Maybe next time she won't wander off by herself every time a single guy comes along.

Shortly afterwards I met a duo of hunters who were roughly 5 seasons under me. They were also on litter picking up patrol and together we cleared the race track of a bunch of animals and junk. That is until suddenly out of thin air daggers stabbed me in the back... as I tried to spin around and defend myself I noticed my friends were already dead..... and suddenly I was floating in the grey nether. I meandered back to my body and when I came to I was surrounded by a friendly mounted posse of alliance-killing-machine's in their 70th season. Turns out my hunter friends were part of this gang...and they protect their peeps. We went back to trash pickup cheerfully protected by their buddies.

I also learned from a friend of mine(Raviss) that Gadgetzan is a LOT closer than the Tauren outpost and he escorted me over there to tag the flight point.

Tonight... my RL avitar gets to work out and eat and then I finish killing buzzards and turtles and take myself on a long walk over to Stranglethorn and Swamp of Sorrows for a trio of annoyingly long quests.

Well I think thats it. Next up a Wulfa post and hopefully some leveling rejoicing from yours truly on Saturday.

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Daxenos said...

Well, if you think Jr. has you kill a lot of animals, wait until you meet Sr.

30 of each group???? What the h3ll have you been smoking, Nesingwary???