Saturday, January 12, 2008


Level 37 now. 40k of 60kish needed for 38. Spent a great deal of time trying to get accross the Burning Steppes last night. I eventually made it but died several times in the process.

Wulfa is working on her dragonscale quest.

Dangermouse? makes me want to play an undead badly. But not badly enought to start over again. Ever since hitting level 35 when I look at my alts I think "I have to do those levels again?" and I suddenly have no wish to play anyone other than Dammerung. See below

I really want to have a full set of Ancient(level 38-41 mail) gear at level 40. But no one is selling any of it with str. /sigh. I see lots of "of the whale" "of the eagle" but no "of the bear/boar/tiger/strength". I wish gear like this dropped a little more predictably... I'd offer to pay my guild mates to farm me this. I know I could build a full set of str mail, but I'm wanting a matching set to -start- my mail wearing career.

Fishing is at 218ish and cooking is at 225. I just started on the cooking quest, but as it requires killing Tanaris mobs it is going to wait a while. Alchemy is stuck at 187 as I have not leveled up herbalism enough to collect herbs from the areas I'm in. I think I may start leveling herbalism just for that reason. It is currently at 100.

At 39 while waiting on people to post the 'Ancient' gear I want I think I'll be doing a lot of pvp and collecting honor.

Well thats it... Rl calls.

Go to Pike's place. Follow the links to nina and felsomethingorother. They hit it on the head for me. I can COMPLETELY empathize with people who want to be 70 as fast as possible(especially if like Matticus they've already been there and done that). But for myself, like I've complained many times before. XPing is boring. And now having read their articles I think I may spend the evening playing my level 6 druid. Muahahahha.

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Pike said...

I think so far I empathize with everyone's opinions on the subject, which is why I like having both a character at 70, and a bunch of alts...