Thursday, July 17, 2008



My week has been extrodinarily free. Tuesday I got home and it was just me... with no resposibilities. Wednesday I was off and no one but me was home until about 5pm. Tonight The house is mine and no one will be home.

I've had free time galore. And what have I done? I played wow for an hour. I voluntarily cleaned out the fridge(finding out in the process that the glass cover to our veggies compartment wasn't able to handle medium-hot water[shatter combo]). I went for two seperate hour walks. I read my favorite parts of the first three Wheel of Time books. I helped a co-worker solve a problem he was freaking out about. I paid the final payment on my car.

Oh and I sat and stared at the wall a bunch.

Mostly I'm incredibly surprised at my disinclination towards playing WoW. Its like going to a bar and finding out that not only are you sober but the alcholol doesn't do anything for you and you think you'd like to order water.

I'm sorta shocked. I didn't even check my email or my webcomics on wednesday. I just sorta zoned.

Not that not-playing is a bad thing. I was just surprised at how easily I did it. Especially considering how much I was looking forwards to this week for the sole reason of playing WoW. Heck before Monday I had plans to get to 52 monday(3hrs playtime), 54 tuesday(6hrs playtime), 56 wednesday(6hrs playtime), 57.5 thursday(4.5hrs), 59 friday(4.5 hrs). It was going to be my own little marathon.

As it was I'm level 6252. Barely. However I did finish picking up all the broken glass from around my kitchen. Dang glass shattered in my hands...not touching anything else but water like a car window....a million little pieces.

Tonight... we'll see. But right now I'm not expecting anything other than me sitting on the floor throwing a plastic ball at the wall.

P.s. I'm not spell checking this post. I've adopted an anti-button clicking postition.


Will said...

If you really do not want to play WoW then don't. It is as simple as that.

Personally I would recommend forcing a 2 week break. No matter how bad you want to play, do not! For 2 weeks. At the end of 2 weeks make your decision.

If you find at the end of 2 weeks you want to play again? I recommend picking 1 toon and getting to 70 if for no other reason then to raid with your wife. There is nothing more enjoyable then ribbing your spouse about a mistake one second and high-fiving the next, behind vent of course.

If you find at the end of 2 weeks a continued lack of desire to play then send your wife all of your gold and mats and call it. Simple as that.

I for one will miss your blog posts but YOU need to do what YOU need to do. Simple as that.

Sorry for the to many 'simple' just that I felt the same way a while back.

Deathrender said...

I too had a glass shattering adventure the other day. Mine was a bit more serious though as I had a 9x13 pyrex baking dish sitting on top of one of the burners on my electric stove.

I went to make some soup and turned on the burner...underneath the pyrex..not the pot.. I knew it would take a few minutes so I went back into the dining room. Not two minutes later, I hear what basically amounts to a shotgun blast go off and the entire kitchen gets sprayed in glass shards.

I think if I was standing in that room..I'd be joke.. So yeah, lesson learned!

klaki said...

I've been through my fair share of WoW-less spells. To tell you the truth I would have never have gotten back into WoW if it were not for my friends talking about it and saying that it would be cool to have me run this and that with them. So, I can totally see your point. If you don't have people to chat and run things with, or a certain goal in mind, WoW isn't as enjoyable.

I will agree with Will in that raiding with your wife is awesome! There is nothing like it :)

I just pray that you will find your muse, in whatever it might be. Just remember that you play WoW for your enjoyment, not for anything else. If you play for others, then you will never truly be satisfied with WoW.